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Er, first time poster here. I have been a fan of Berserk since around 2000 when a friend lent me the anime, since then I've purchased all the Dark Horse translations up to date. To the meat of my issue, there is a specific song played on episode 12 of the anime where Casca tells Guts about her past, before she met Griffith. This song is not in the ost, I've been searching for information as to it's title for a couple years now with no luck, almost to the point of obssession. Does this song exist outside the anime? Can it perhaps be found on a particular Susumi Hirasawa cd? Or, am I sol?


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Hi and welcome, leifenstien.

I can't help you with that unfortunately. I've got some stuff that isn't on the OST (the music playing during the queen's funeral in episode 18), but I've never stumbled upon the track you're looking for. In a way it's not surprising since I've never looked for it, but it does lead me to believe that it's either unavailable or very very rare.
I feel your pain, leifenstien, that's one of my favorite pieces from the '97 anime. I really enjoy the sound/music played when Guts shows up at the tavern in Episode 1. The small bit played after he cuts the soldier in half is particularly awesome (not to mention chilling).
Well, it was worth asking about at least. I'll keep my eyes/ears open for it anyways, maybe I'll just try to reproduce it via keyboard, that would probably be less brain numbing than going on a marathon search. I'll keep a look out for the track you mentioned as well Rhombaad, popped in the disc to see which one you meant, you're right it is very chilling.


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I know it's been almost 9 years, but I figured I'd post here in hopes others find what they're looking for. The song is called "Medieval Ceremony" by Franco Tamponi from the History Archives album, I was able to purchase it through GooglePlay. Only took me 15 years or so to track down, ha ha.
Nice! How did you end up identifying it?
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