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Welcome to the Berserk Test of Knowledge's feedback & discussion thread. Here you can post questions about the quiz, brag or complain about your score and give all the feedback you want. Although it is of course absolutely forbidden to repost questions from the quiz or to ask what their answer is. You're supposed to find that by yourself. If you're in need of clarification on syntax, you can ask me by PM.

And if you truly wonder what the answer to a question is and just can't seem to find it by yourself, try to be creative and ask about it indirectly in another section of the forum. :slan:

You'll find an introduction and a short Q&A to the Quiz in this thread:
And to take the Quiz itself, head over here:

Have fun! :SK:

Below is the leaderboard, which keeps track of the official scores. If two scores are tied, the time it took the applicants to finish the Quiz is used to decide who is rated higher. If the completion times are tied as well, the one who got the score first is favored.

As an added incentive for the Quiz' debut, I will personally (well, actually it's courtesy of asmer) offer a copy of the Young Animal issue celebrating the 20th anniversary of Berserk to the person holding the first place in the leaderboard at a date of my choosing (admins are not eligible).


01. Marik / PASSED / 30 points / 1:05
02. Maldoror / PASSED / 30 points / 1:25
03. Ragnarok / PASSED / 30 points / 1:28

04. Griffith / PASSED / 30 points / 2:28
05. Mohamed Sabry Hegazy / PASSED / 30 points / 4:13
06. Surakemastura / PASSED / 29 points / 3:00
07. EeXerO / PASSED / 28 points / 1:41
08. Walter / PASSED / 28 points / 2:06
09. Cyrus Jong / PASSED / 28 points / 2:36
10. k / PASSED / 27 points / 2:54
11. m / PASSED / 27 points / 3:32
12. Th3Branded0ne / FAILED / 25 points / 2:21
13. gnom / FAILED / 25 points / 3:09
14. Rhombaad / FAILED / 22 points / 3:28
15. phoebus / FAILED / 22 points / 4:35
16. duran80 / FAILED / 21 points / 4:08
17. lcjvhso / FAILED / 21 points / 4:37
18. panicfactorx / FAILED / 20 points / 4:00
19. Scorpio / FAILED / 20 points / 4:10
20. rage / FAILED / 20 points / 4:37


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Me and Griff aren't making things any easier either. This reminds me of that Sonic 2 tournament... it's down to the seconds now.


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I'm off, so I won't update the leaderboard for a while. Feel free to just post your score in the thread in the meantime.


Feel the funk blast
Well, if this quiz doesn't warrant another close re-reading, I don't know what does. :ganishka: At least I met my original goal: beat Bob.

Edit: Forgot to mention, I got a 7.


Courtesy of Grail's doodling.
Blah, ran out of time because I kept scratching my head and using trial and error to try and remember how to spell character's names... managed a 10


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グリフィス said:
I just got 24 (80%) in under 4 minutes. :badbone:
I just got 80% myself, but was over 4 minutes... I concede... FOR NOW! :femto:

Update: 80% with ~1:30 remaining achieved!


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Walter said:
Update: 80% with ~1:30 remaining achieved!
I don't know my exact time, but I imagine that's better since I took my time on the last couple questions. Until next the time... :daiba:

Update: 25. Still a FAILURE though. :ganishka:

Vampire_Hunter_Bob said:
We'll see who beat who once the sun comes up in France. :femto:
Ha, that's the true in more ways than one. Notice Aaz has yet to post a score? He's just toying with us, letting us play at his game. :ganishka:


Man, Aolsier just can't catch a break... he just sucks at this game. :troll:


My posts are better.
26, 86.67%. Inching my way up, though I still have a lot of technical questions for the author. :daiba:


Berserk is Divine and Human
12 points, 40 %. Shitty result. Anyway if the answer doesn't come in your mind you have to write something else! :guts:

EDIT: 13 points 43,3% still too bad! :farnese:

Anyway except some english word that I didn't knew this test is just perfect! :carcus:
Damn I only got 11 points. Oh well, at least I did better than Aolsier. Then again so did everyone else.

EDIT: Got 15 points now. Trust me people the more you do it the easier it becomes. :iva: Don't give up. :femto:


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Leaderboard updated! Congrats to Griff, the first to have won! Though it might have been a stroke of luck... :daiba:

Come on guys, show me what you've got!

Deci said:
Man, Aolsier just can't catch a break... he just sucks at this game. :troll:
So do you, apparently. I don't see your name in the leaderboard. :daiba:


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Wow! :isidro: Congrats on that score and time Griff. That's impressive! I managed to unseat Cyrus for #2, and I'm content with that for now. :farnese:
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