Berserk Release Compendium


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The release list has been updated with a huge amount of new information:

-Japanese titles of all episodes
-Revised dates (a few were wrong)
-Now includes all releases (the last version only went back as far as Ep 100)
-Added Young Animal release info
-Changed "# weeks break" to "# of issues skipped" (see below for why)
-Added arcs and chapters with Japanese titles
-Added notes column to highlight peripheral activities around the series (Gigantomakhia, for example)

This update started with me just wanting to update the list from XX-100. But along the way I started to pay attention to the Japanese titles, which believe it or not aren't all in one place anywhere else on the Internet. Same with release data. The sites that had all of that info are gone, or ceased updates. Now SKnet has everything, along with updated/corrected release dates.

I also came to a very late realization: Counting weeks is truly not as informative about the nature of the breaks as counting the number of Young Animal issues Miura skipped. The magazine comes out twice monthly — the 2nd and 4th Fridays of a month. But months are fluid things. Let's compare March 2019 to June 2019. In March, the first YA came out on the 8th (the 2nd Friday came early). But in June, it'll be the 14th (still 2nd Friday, but it's later). That dark calendar magic just made Miura look like he took an extra week off. Hence counting the # of issues. It turns all those silly fluctuating 2-3 weeks breaks into a more uniform 0. So, the 65 week break becomes 30 issues. The consistent 26 week breaks from 2015-2018 becomes 11. And so on and so forth.

Though the release data is now (finally) content complete, I'm not really done with this thing. Excel is fine, but converting it to a webpage obviously sucks. I'll be fine-tuning that, and I'd like to add a tab at the bottom for charts to visualize the breaks over time in a logical way. This guy's got it going on — — I just don't really have the same skillset. I welcome any pointers on such things.

Anyway, enjoy it!
Woooooow, that's so Cool!! I'm sure this will help a lot of new fans that are wondering about the hiatuses.

It's also very nice that you added the reasons why some of them happened, like Gigantomakhia.

Also i agree, changing the number of the weeks to the number of the issues skipped is way better in my opinion! :ubik:
Looks pretty cool. Thanks for all your effort Walter. It's great to have a place with complete information on all of the releases.

I found a couple of typos. Might want to check it out. Used Aazealh's post for reference.

For episodes 319-326 the "MAGAZINE #" should be 2011 instead of 2010.
For episode 293 the "MAGAZINE #" should be, I believe, 2008 #05 instead of 2008 #04. It is so in Aazealh's post and the "# SKIPPED" column has 5 which would be incorrect with the current one.


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Yep thanks. Bound to miss a few. Updated it along with a few other improvements, and the chart I was referring to last night.


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M spotted a handful of wrong dates. Stockpiling a few more updates before I re-upload. We're getting there! :shrug:
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