Berserk Statues for Sale

Hi Guys, new to this forum..apologies if ive put this in the wrong section.

Basically ive moved into a new flat and the last tenants had left alot of junk lying around, landlord said i could sort through it and i came across a few Berserk Statues, ive never heard of these before but have done abit of research, they seem to be pretty rare and collectable..not sure about the few i have,
but anyway, there of no use to me and would rather them go to a good home so if anybody is interested pm me and can sort out a deal..i'll try and attach photos of them on here, but these are the names from the boxes..

Berserk - Guts MA KEN, Limited Edition, serial no. 0123
Berserk - Guts Armored Berserk, serial no. 0577
Berserk - ps2 Millennium Branded box
Berserk - Guts Black Swords man, 12inch figure Limited Edition.

There the four i have, all are immaculate, look like they've never been removed from box.
anymore info just message, thanks :)
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