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:guts: So, I'm new to the forums and I've been obsessed with Berserk for over 7 years. My profession is sound so I'm ok getting sleeves. I would like to hear creative opinions for tattoos of Berserk. My plan is to start from thr chest and go to each arm all the way to the wrist. Was thinking heros one side and villains the other. My other thought was getting the tree from golden age on my chest and weaving the branches down my arms with images in between.


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Hey buddy, I hear ya there!

Here's my Berserk tattoo:

My suggestion is to pick something that allows you to stick as close to the original art as possible. I like the idea of the tree. Maybe you can incorporate the World Spiral Tree somehow?

I also like the heros / villains sleeves ideas. The trick is making a design that weaves the original art together in an appealing way.
I want to get a sacrifice brand on the back of my neck, same place as Guts'.
Still , I'm waiting until I get a better job before I do it, people around here are pretty prejudiced against tattoos
I understand. I think unless I change my mind I'm gonna use a cape pattern where guts and the crew will be and the heads of the sacrificed from the feast on the other. Do you guys know how to post pics on here from your phone?
Whenever I use my android I do it the same way as with a pc. Click the Mona Lisa button and copy/paste the link to the pic within the marks.

I've already decided I'll get a Berserk tattoo at some point, don't know what though, and haven't really thought that much about it yet, gonna be pretty time consuming for sure. I'm gonna need some serious dough to be able to afford whatever epicness I'm planning so with that being said I'm not really in a hurry. I want something unique and not so "in yo face" but I really like these ideas about something connecting a lot of tattoos. There's so much to choose from but as you say the tricky part is to make it all fit together in an artistic fashion.

This ain't exactly my field of expertise so I'll go easy on the advice part for now but I'll be sure to share if something does cross my mind.

Will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

I had this done last year from the first diablo game. Really enjoy the good over evil theme. I was gonna keep it conservative but my wife is encouraging me to just go for it, so why not. :???:
thats a huge Piece! looks deadly

heres a link to my 2 berserk related tattoos on the other forum
Nice! Ok, I've been having A LOT of down time at work and though this may change a little before I actually do it, I think I got down what I want. Guts on my right chest in full out berserk mode. The cape will go to my shoulder and be used as the pattern in between the images. Probably have a totem on my tricep of a few old band of the hawk and a few new members of guts crew. Black swordsman on the shoulder (or :beast:), :casca: below, :schierke: on the inside upper arm, silat in a small image below my mid right, :SK: and :guts: on forearm. Some of this will be at an angle.

PHEW, as for the left I'll have :femto: starting at the chest, his cape fading into the tortured faces from the feast which will be my pattern, :zodd: on shoulder, bascone below, Wyald on inside of upper arm, totem of the godhand on tricep, grumbeld, :griffnotevil:, and Behelit on forearm.

I want the placement to line up on both arms.

That is probably what I will do. Though the tree idea is neat, guts coffin birth tree shouldn't be that dense a theme.
Wow! You´re gonna be a walking Berserkipedia! :troll:

I can totally see you dripping face sweat on the keyboard as you´re typing that post in determination, bloodshot dead-serious gaze! :guts:

Seriously this´ll be the most epic Berserk tattoo ever dude! Im honestly a bit jelly at your idea here. The whole cape theme Guts VS Femto is brilliant.
For the back near the soulder blades it would be epic to see the image from Vol 14 where Guts is in angry mode and above him is a picture of the heads of Femto to the right and Griffith helmeted to the left. Just would be awesome to see! :serpico:


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Ah, sounds neat.

The only Berserk-related tattoo that I have is simply the sacrifice brand. I love it, and met several other Berserk enthusiasts thanks to it.
Like my Tolkien-related one (my favorite poem from LOTR written in Tengwar), met a lot of other Tolkien-addicts thanks to it.

My next scheduled one... sorry for the awkward phrasing, frenchie here :farnese:... is the "shape" of the God Hand members around the eclipse. All in black and grey.
Sorry, it's hard to describe, I'll make sure to post it when I get it. I'm in for some long sessions, but tattoos are so addictive.

When I got my first one, I thought "and only this one". But you always get more ideas with time.


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That's pretty awesome, even if I would have placed the characters differently, like the God Hand at the top, and the apostles on the bottom.
But maybe I'm biased because my current project involves only the God hands...

Also, I would have chosen another picture of Judeau. But to each his own!

Your backpiece is amazing too.


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bandofthehawk said: think this is public.
Damn, I love you're where you're going with this! Actually makes me wish i took the time to do something like this before I started my sleeve. Although I suppose I will carefully creat my own rough draft for my other arm and chest. I want to do a sleeve devoted to the Godhand, starting with the Eclipse on the very top shoulder.

Are you doing color?
Not sure exactly what pictures im using yet. Just a rough outline. As much as I like the godhand, I think a tricep totem will turn out good once I get it figured out exactly. Not planning on doing color. I just want the black ink with my pale skin and my artist specializes in black work.
Just getting a brand on my calf. I've drawn it with a pen for almost a year now, and the deal is that I get to do the tattoo once I've had it drawn on me for a year and feel like I want it forever. Couple o' months left, then I'm gettin it :carcus:
Well, I decided that I'm going to do one full sleeve and part of the chest. I go into talk to my tattoo artist to decide the images in a week. Probably go with guts, casca, beast, schierke, skull knight, void, slan, zodd, and femto.
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