Berserk tattoo advice

:schierke: and :SK: will be larger tats on my forearm. The faces, souls from the feast/calling of the godhand will be the background. Peaking out or coming out will be void, femto, zodd, and if there is room ubik. The chains from :beast: will continue down to sk at the base, popping in and out as they swerve down the arm. Hell, I might even have a chain go through :femto: head. Oh and slan on the inner arm from whore princess of the uterine sea, boobs and all.


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bandofthehawk said:
Its the oozing that gets a little annoying.
Definitely. The pain is moderate and only bad during the actual process in my experience. The worst part is definitely trying not to get blood or ink on anything afterwards, and even then it's not that hard to accomplish depending where you got your stuff done.
Exactly. Spandex arm band has helped a lot. Never realized how much I bump my forearm until yesterday. Tattoos only hurt as the needle runs. My arm has been the easiest. Like a sun burn the next day has been my feeling every time.


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These are looking very nice! Though I'm a little concerned about the lack of bodily context for the beherit and Rakshas... are you getting buttcheek tattoos? :azan:
:daiba: thanks man. I'm trying to be original for the most part. I've seen a sweet panel black piece sleeve which I really liked, but wanted something a little different. Wednesday after this I go in and will probably place void holding the brand next. Maybe shade 1 or 2 more characters. Then 2 weeks later wed and thur. Should be done or very close to being done. The vortex will continue down with 2 chains going in and out of the background down the arm. I'm here in the midwest and I talk about berserk like I'm some door to door salesman.
bandofthehawk said:
Day 6. Considering adding front view of guts in berserk armor below skull knight on top of the hand. 3 sessions left. sep 17, 18, and 24.
Nice ink! I'm actually thinking about incorporating some Berserk into a quarter-sleeve of mine. :ubik:
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