Berserk: The Audio Manga Casting Call

Hey all! I'm in the very early stages of making a manga dub for Berserk. For the sake of a kind of test run, I'm going to start with the Prototype Chapter, which will hopefully provide enough insight into the process to do the Black Swordsman Arc and beyond to a decent degree. :puck:

I've been working behind the scenes on this for over a year, and I'm finally ready to start casting for the voice-over work. If anyone would be interested in giving it a shot, I would love to hear your auditions!

You can check out the casting call page here or here.

Edit: right, I should also plug stuff. I feel like an old man for how foreign social networking feels, but if you'd be interested in following the Facebook page and/or Twitter, that's available as well :ganishka:
The Prototype is officially cast! Now on to the series proper!

To anyone interested, auditions for Episode 1: The Black Swordsman (technically Episode A/first unnumbered episode :ganishka:) can be found here :ubik:
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