Berserk Void and Griffith cosplay

Well here's some WIP of the behelit I'm making. Just finished blocking out and setting the eyes, so don't be too judgey. :mozgus:



Anyhow the plan for the behelit is to cast it up in silicone, so it has a more 'alive' feeling to it to the touch. Dolls eyes will be placed into the sockets, and *possibly* solid teeth in the mouth (not solid on that one yet).

Blocking out on the Void sculpt starts this week. :ubik:


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Wow, the expression on that beherit turned out really well! What kind of material is that?

Very excited to see your Void sculpt. :void:
Monster Clay, a wax based clay, like Chavant. Cool stuff to work with. It gets soft like an oil based clay when you knead it or heat it, but hardens up and holds its shape, making it easy to add details on after you get the base shape.


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The beherit is awfully unsettling with it's toothless gaping mouth. Very well done. I'm excited about this project, especially Void.

About to start on the teeth and laughed when I counted 2 extra molars in the original anime Beherit (screencap) when it screams. They look a lot more natural in the manga, but there's no complete shot of the open mouth... so I'm going to have to take some license there.

More to come.

A few more pics of tonight's progress. Going to go with the solid teeth, after all. Will be cast in clear resin for a nice, realistic translucent look, painted, then fit and glued into the Beherit.. Almost finished with the skin texturing. It just needs to be cleaned up a bit more.




edit [8-21]: Tiny teeth are hard to make from scratch. I'd have been better off making a mold of my own teeth (or better yet someone else as I have hypodontia... actually I think that would my teeth better for this subject), casting them, then shrinking them to the proper size using some shrink-it or hydrospan. I probably would've spent less time...
Back on track for the mask/bust. Had a life event happen that set me back a bit. Some progress the last couple days. I have the basic blocking out done and am starting to add some minor detailing.
Holy shit that looks great!!!! Are you going to do his 'collar' too?? Damn excellent start.

Edit: I'm dumb...didn't see cosplay in the title. But wow, this could double as a badass sculpture too.
Yeah definitely doing the collar, the cloak, and hopefully his arm and hand as well. Stilts cosplay, so I'm hoping to get him around 8' or so.

Depending on how the final product looks, I'll sell some copies of the bust. I'll still have the mold, as this is going to be a silicone mask, so I might as well share.
Really looking forward to how void is going to turn out, especially the head, can't wait to see how you're going to do all the folds of the brain. :guts:
Well, figured I'd take a progress shot, since you asked.

Based off panels from volumes 12&13 for reference. Waiting on a profile gauge to arrive to get the symmetry correct on the brain... tired of fighting with it when the proper tool could help me do it right. The shape is correct on the left, so I figured I'd start some of the detailing. Basically I'm sketching out the folds with a cleanout tool, then raking some of the clay out for the depressions, and adding clay where it needs to be more rounded and where the folds meet. The eye sockets need just a bit more clay, so ignore how sunk in they are, for accuracy concerns.


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This the stuff of my nightmares dreams. :void:

Good luck getting those brain folds to be realistic. That's always a pain in the ass when drawing, I can't imagine sculpting.
very nice, keep going with this! and yeah like walter said those brain folds are a pain in the ass, that's why i asked. the face looks amazing :void:
Well I slapped some clay on there between now and the last post. Drawing the folds on there is way more a pain in the ass than actually sculpting them on once the lines are in. Especially as scale creep sets in... the folds tend to increase in size the more I draw them on if I don't keep them in check and constantly look at the references.

Anyway I think I'm pretty close to a marriage of realism and fantasy, here, so I'm going to steamroll ahead. Suggestions and critique are always welcome. I don't have any emotions or hesitation when scraping off detail and starting over if something is off.


Folds looked a little flat, so I added some depth by adding clay rather than carving into the mass. The brain could've used some more height, anyhow. Thinking about raking some clay off the side as I think it has too wide a profile.
@Beast, yeah Monster Clay, about 30lbs of it so far... Going to have to buy more tubs of it soon. :mozgus: Thank you

@Walter, you're not seeing all the fight between pics. I fought with it to get the right design and layout of the folds, drawing and erasing lines, scraping off clay etc, which are pretty accurate so far to the folds in vol 12 pg 177? (I think). The panel right before Void points to the castle to tempt Griffith. I'm honestly still fighting with the overall shape, and keep comparing all the references I printed out to it, second guessing myself. Seems easier to go off references than to create my own folds, which I will have to do for the back of the head...

Oh and those scans on the wall are transparencies. They stick to the wall by static, luckily. I had them printed so I could look through them to verify the correct proportions and shapes... which didn't work so well because there is a lot of grey that isn't easy to see through. If I use the technique again, I'll edit out all the static and make sure I just get the basic shapes I want. Would be way easier if I just had photoshop.


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Hot dang, Kruge! Seeing this coming together is truly fascinating. I really love the details (or what I can make out of the details) in the teeth and the nose (nostril holes?). And that brain! You're going to have a very spooky head on your hands by the time this project is finished. I just hope your work station isn't anywhere near where you sleep! :ganishka:
Thanks Delta!

@Grail, Yeah, there's really not a lot of detail to make out at this point, which is why I haven't bothered with better shots, but thank you. Wifey has a nice dslr camera, so once I start adding the finer details (veins, skin texturing, lines...) I'll make sure and take better shots with good lighting.

I got my contour gauge today, and have the next two days off, so hopefully I can finish this thing off and move on to Griffith's torture helmet soon!
Almost there. Posting photos forces me to look at the images in reverse, which is essentially the same as looking at the sculpt in a mirror (which helps you recognize symmetry and proportion issues that your eyes and brain have basically gotten used to while sculpting), so I hope you don't mind all the wip shots.

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