Berserk wallpapers

Does anyone know where I get a wallpaper that uses the scene for when Guts begins his quest after gearing
up, getting getting the dragon slayers, and what have you? It's the scene that shows him walking towards the darkness with his back turned, it's a two paged scene now that I think about it.


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Its not a wallpaper, but I did a movie poster out of that scene:

I'm sure theres more out there, as that's a good spread.


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Badass mode ash said:
I like that scene because of how primal it is, that notion of one stepping into the darkness, breaking away from a now destroyed world, and into the unknown. :SK:
And leaving yo' bitch behind in a cave :guts: ... :???:


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That's a good wallpaper to add to my collection, thanks. 4chan has a berserk topic in there wallpapers at least once a week, so I have quite a few now, thanks to them.
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