Berserk Whiskey - What Does it Taste Like?


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Some of you may have already seen this on Twitter, there's some Berserk-themed whiskey on sale for about $200+ for a 700ml bottle:

Naturally the first question to pose upon seeing this is what exactly would a Guts and Griffith drink taste and smell like? Well, allow me to bathe you in the fragrances and tastings of the world of Berserk!

So there you have it — Griffith sort of smells like old furniture, and Guts smells like boiled beans. Together they taste like woody chocolate. That'll be 25,300¥.


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Would go nicely with my Young Animal 7th anniversary wine bottle, but alas this feels like a basic cash grab. I'll drink it if someone else is buying though!
What I'm curious about is what motivated this partnership. Why produce this Berserk-branded scotch? I'd understand if it celebrated something, but here it just feels random.
I've seen these on Buyee - was tempted when one was included in a lot of Berserk items, but it's hard to justify buying one of these as a standalone when there are other items I'd rather put my funds towards.
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