Berserk's Unresolved Plot Threads


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In light of Berserk's conclusion, I've been thinking about story beats/character arcs that were (sadly) left unresolved. Since Berserk is such a lengthy and complex epic, I couldn't possibly recall all of them--it's been awhile since I've re-evaluated older arcs. This is what I've garnered so far:

-Obviously, Guts hasn't avenged the Hawks.
-Casca still can't look at Guts.
-Falconia stands.
-The Neo Band of the Hawk are still intact and a force for evil.
-Guts possesses a Behelit.
-Whatever happened with Rickert?
-Skull Knight's backstory?

What am I missing? Also, which unresolved plot thread is most intriguing to you? What are your theories/predictions for what could've happened?

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I agree with Aaz that now is not the time for this. I have my thoughts too, the scene that I most wanted too see was Casca cured(so I'm very grateful for the last episodes), and Rickert evolution (and I have no idea how that would be).

At least for the next two years we will have a lot of points to talk about here on the forum.
Theresia. One of the oldest loose threads.
I honestly have never understood this desire to see Theresia return. I think her role in the story was wrapped up nicely and there's nothing more for her to add. She served to show that the uncaring, ruthless facade that Guts put on when he was the black swordsman was just that, a facade.

Aside from the obvious big ones, I wish we could have seen Azan finally abandon his charade and interact with the others as a true member of the party.
The biggest loose thread to me will be the godhand just floating around plotting stuff. I really wanted to know what they were after.

I imagine guts would eventually defeat Griffith, just was curious as to how the others would be dealt with.

As for the other loose threads, atleast we have some idea on skull knights past now. I'm sure casca would eventually have been able to face guts and I think falconia would have crumbled with the defeat of Griffith.
- Guts original parents (the mother was probably accused of witchcraft and the father must been an extraordinary person to give such strong genes to Guts). Would be interesting a small backstory of both. But I don't hold my breath on that one
- The Idea of Evil and Godhand ultimate scheme and plans for the world.
-. The taboo that banished Flora from Elfhelm
- The human origin of the other 4 members of the Godhand and what happened 1000 years ago exactly.
- The role and identity of the apparently 4 other other Godhand members at Gaiserick times.
- The identity of Gaiserick wife and his true relationship with Dannan.
- if the demonchild and moonchild are part of causality and within the Idea of Evil plans or against
- same for the surviving of Guts and Caska from the eclipse
- if the Idea of Evil influence is actually beatable or there is no real free will in Berserk
- the origins and backstory of the major apostles currently known (Zodd, Gurnbeld, Locus, Arwain, Rakshas)
- if Rickert Silat and Daiba would later play a relevant part for the plot or not.
- who will use the Behelit Guts take with him
- of what prophecy finally fulfilling volvapa and the old wizards are talking about
- if moonlight boy/Griffith will ever separate or will live/die together forever.

Those are my personal doubts. There's a lot to unpack, and I believe that for some of them Miura itself would probably never give an answer but just leave in the mistery.
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