Buying from AoW site

All these years I always looked at the AoW -- awed at how nice it would be to have just ONE statue like that...but never had the funds. Now I have finally decided (and saving enough cash) for a real authentic AoW statue of my own! Basically -- I am sure someone here has bought off the AoW site and shipped to their USA address. I also heard now that AoW accepts credit cards (Discover, I hope!) this will eliminate the bank withdrawls which I heard the fees were like 40,50$.

Unfortuantly -- currently the only statue on AoW for sale is the 3rd Zodd edition. This one does not peak my interest, but when one does come along that I do want, how would I go about it? Simply add my Discover card to the Order on the site and hit accept and thats it?
I think you first have to order. They will then give you a confirmation email which will give you a link to the payment page. Im not really sure after there. If you want try and get other statues you will have to get them off Ebay or Yahoo Japan Auctions. Aaz will keep updating the boards for any new statues comming out.
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