Custom mini Dragonslayer by ClaytonWayne

Hello everyone,

It has been a very long time. I hope everyone is well!

I recently found out about ClaytonWayne on Etsy. He makes custom miniature weapon replicas out of metal
(I have no affiliation from him, but here is his shop: )

I had him make a custom mini Dragonslayer, and it turned out extremely well IMO
It was $39 USD + shipping (He normally only ships to USA, but he was really nice to help ship directly to me in Canada)
It took about 2-3 weeks to make (he makes everything out of scratch) and he sends you updates.

It is made out of milled aluminum, steel, and real leather

Here is the link to pictures:

It is slightly over 6" long and it looks great
It has the rough look just like in the manga, and the proportions are very good. The real leather is bound very well, and the pommel looks nice. I think it's very nice and the attention to detail is noticeable in person. In my photos, no photoshop, just lighting correction.

I'm extremely pleased with everything - great communication via email, he showed me WIP photos, extremely professional, and very good attention to detail. For the price, I think it's a very good deal and it looks great. It looks very detailed in person.
Wrapped very well and securely, no damage at all in shipping.
I definitely would not hesitate to do business with him again, and I HIGHLY recommend him. If you want a nice looking Dragonslayer miniature MADE OF METAL, I would strongly recommend going to him

10/10 for value, service, and craftsmanship


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GiantSword Mufasa said:
That's so awesome. The most baller of letter openers! At least that's what I would use it for.
One was officially released back in the day, I forgot for what occasion. It's a combo of paperweight + letter opener. I have it stored in a drawer somewhere.

Here are some pictures of it (not mine, taken from Yahoo! Japan auctions):

Glad you guys like it! He does all sorts of custom mini swords, and his customer service is excellent. If I was to get another mini-sword, I would definitely go back to him for sure.
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