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I just got a chance to play version 0.02 tonight. Simply put, it was awesome, even if the frame rate was 18fps (it went to 1 on number of violent occasions =)! It’s the first game that’s impressed me or that I’ve truly enjoyed playing in a long while, and it’s only a leaked alpha. The gameplay is much like Doom but with a much moodier Resident Evil subtext; very cool. The graphics are amazingly realistic; right down to light and shadows that react to one another as they would in real life. All other FPSers look like bright happy cartoons in comparison, I shit you not. It's the only game in development that I actually look forward to, or will probably buy. Other opinions?



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I've only seen screenshots, and simply put, it looks awesome. Seriously awesome. I shit myself just think about playing it in the dark, when you don't what's just around the corner...

The Thing looks cool as well.


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I got myself a copy of the leak, and it's certainly a leak =). That is, it's not even close to representing what the full game will be, HOWEVER... This game is going to totally destroy everything around it. The lighting totally makes this game the most revolutionary gaming technlogy since the Quake shift (3d).


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ranemaka13 said:
ranemaka13 said:
i thought Doom 3 came out a long time ago?
yeah it's been on the inet for 1 1/2 weeks now. why are you all so slow?
best thing about it is the sound that almost made me crap my pants (instead i pissed em)

if any of you has problems in front of that door where you have to enter a code, it's not 123 like in the inofficial trailer but 924.
You can also press F8 to activate 'noclip' and go right through it ;)
On a sensory level this game will be revolutionary. Gameplay of course will be Doom just a bit slower, but that's pretty much to be expected.
When this game comes out, just buy the best freaking hardware you can...playing this without the dynamic light and shadows makes it look like a Quake3 Mod.
And Pinky is just so cute! ;D
I haven't played the alpha yet but I don't doubt that it is amazing. This is probably one of the only games where it can be said that the graphics (and audio) make the gameplay. I mean, it is basically the same type of "find the key and shoot monsters" situation in the original. Simplicity can be good though, especially when the environment is overwhelming. Btw, I suggest checking out the Tenebrae mod for Quake (yes, that's 1). It uses some of the same graphical techniques of Doom III and looks surprisingly cool for such an old game.


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try a different winrar version. i had the same problem with the inofficial ut2k3 beta. right now i'm using v 3.00 of winrar but i always keeps some older and newer versions in case these problems occur.


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BOB said:
there are much more constructive ways besides fighting.

haha...thats really sick!

however i d prefer the"Tekken" way of fighting ;the greatest fighting game of all!^_^;


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So yea, Doom 3 alpha was the coolest thing I have seen in a while. It stressed the hell out of my computer which can run normal games (UT2K3, et al.) with ease. I can only imagine what they can do with the game.

Though the games are very hard to compare, has anyone played Metroid Prime yet? That was so fun. ahhh good ol' Metroid....


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Re:D00M ]|[ r0x0rs j00 b0x0rs!

Unreal Tounament 2003 is, like today, the best of the genre graphicwise. Let us say that we give it a vote of 100. What vote would you give to Doom 3 ?


halo2 looks as or even better then d3, at least according to the teaser movie. But i dislike the "plastic" renderer they use in those games.


Does anyone have the console commands for running the alpha in hardware mode? (opengl/direct3d)?


What I dread about Doom 3 right now is that I'll have to make major, costly upgrades to my computer just to be able to play it! :'(


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It's worth it. ;)

And since it uses OpenGL maybe upgrades won't be that costly (I got Q3 to run on an awful PC so...).
Urashima -
The keys for all of that stuff are in doom3\base\doomconfig.cfg.

Aazealh -
Doom 3 is done entirely in hardware. Card specific optimizations aren't done with this alpha (it was originally optimized for E3 using the 9700 Pro). It's OpenGL only - and it doesn't matter what API you use anymore, it's simply an interface and matter of preference and how it's implemented.

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Halo 2 does indeed looks good, but it is limited by low resolution and it doesn't have all of the special effects Doom 3 will have. But also it should be noted that Doom 3 will run on a GeForce 1 - it'll just chug like a bitch. I have a GF4 Ti4200 and everything I throw at it runs awesome, even at high res.

Roberto999 -
UT2003 is advanced in only a few key areas, and in many other respects just now catching up to Q3A technology, such as polygon counts, shaders, and hardware T&L support...all of which Q3A had years ago. I personally find UnrealEd to be a better interface for making maps than Radiant, anyway. The lure is that the engine is so moddable it's scary...and with static meshes and DXTC and alphamap terrain systems, you can make anything you want real purdy.
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