Dexter: Miami’s finest

I really enjoyed Season 1 and most of season 2 and then it just started a slow decline (with the exception of Trinity scenes). Remember the dialogue Dexter and that Ukrainian mob boss had in the previous season, especially the final episodes :ganishka:. Some of the worst acting and writing I have seen. I only watched the last couple of seasons because I wanted to see how it ended and maybe there was a tiny hope that it would get good somehow again. What a load of crap.


I'll be back.
IncantatioN said:
Watched it last night, just horrible.

Article with the producer explaining the end -

It was!! I just wanted lighting to strike that boat when I knew Dex was going to dump Deb at sea. Oh and no one at Miami metro besides Doakes and LaGuerta find out about dexter. I'm glad it's over.


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KazigluBey said:
Worst Dexter season ever, worst Dexter episode ever. Should have ended after season 5.
Should have ended after Season 4, in my humble opinion. It provided the perfect full-circle display of "This is what happens when you try to live a normal life: tragedy." Every season since then has just been reiterating the same message in weaker forms, and that's before you add in all the crappy writing and plotholes.

Maybe I will just edit the series in my head so that it ends with that scene in the bathroom. Post-Trinity Killer material is more like bad Dexter fanfiction.


Yeah I understand the full circle, I just thought season five was his redemption. The aftermath of season four seemed like something worth exploring, but ending it at season four would certainly have left one of the more shocking finishes in recent history. After season five it was just some weird dynamic between him and Deb that turned more ludicrous as things went on.
I have to remind myself what it was that made me fall in love with Dexter Morgan, because I can barely recognize it now. I liked watching him go through his killing routine. His will to protect the next victim. Sometimes he would bail out coworkers who would sooner arrest him if they found out. He would keep criminals from slipping through the cracks of a flawed justice system. I loved that show. I was rooting for a serial killer!

The last season should have been what season 2 was, with Dexter inevitably getting caught, but disappearing in the wind with his code in tact, leaving everybody to contemplate his character. It's no less a mysterious ending than the one that we got, but I think I would have been satisfied with it somehow. Season 4 was good because it reinforced that Dexter wasn't like other serial killers, in that he didn't kill innocents, which was the focal point of the show.

I stopped watching the show a few episodes into season 7, which is late, I know. I think the writers were trying to do too much, and they wrote themselves into a corner. And they simply couldn't find a way to reconcile their decisions anymore. So they just started ignoring it with filler. Dexter became sloppy. Too many innocents were dragged in for shock value. And the people around him were getting dumber. The identities were shifting, and I no longer had a rooting interest.
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