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DirectDK said:
I love this thread! =)

As I was scrolling down looking at Nieros pictures that same exact thought ran across my mind, haha!

Niero said:
Hey guys, some pics of my Skull Knight Weathered Bone

I really enjoy the weathered bone versions of Skull knight and this is definitely up to par with the rest. Interesting choice of color on some areas like the shield. But yeah, thanks a lot for sharing, love it!
femto rebirth at last :guts:

Tbh I gotta say I like the original more than the new edition. I've been struggling for quite a while now to decide which one I should (try to) grab, and sure there might be more detailed paintjob on the new one, but this darker tone is a pretty clear winner compared to the much brighter and colorful theme of the repaint.

Edit: aw hell, after another comparison check Im still undecided :s
I got this a few days ago. I didn't see anyone post pictures so I tried my best.

There isn't much I can say about the statue -the paint job is phenomenal and I'm simply in love with it.
When I place the statue next to the Black Swordsman PVC it really shows that it's a higher quality product- both the materials and the colours.
It's a great piece for anyone who didn't buy the original release.
Now I have to start saving for an Armored Berserk , which will take a while.... :ganishka:

Great choice !!!! This femto is one of my favorite statue !!! Congrats my friend ^^!

@Enjoy :

Lol, my statue is Number 15 :slan:

@ Dr. Legato :

Your statue is special !! There is no blood on it? Do you ask this special painting to AOW?

Casca's hat is fantastic :slan:


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Yeah mine was a special request :badbone:
I like it better this way because of this pose, to me it looks like he's getting ready for battle not like he's in the middle of battle.
My version reflects just that.
Hah its kinda fascinating that you put that much thought into it, I sure never did :) but its a lot more logical now that you mention it.

...Still prefer my blood-stained peice though :guts: Yes! I also got it about a week ago. I dont have that many statues this far, but Im so hyped about the length of the sword on this one :zodd: it even beats my Black Swordsman´s DS. I think it was about 1-2 inches longer than Guts himself including the hilt. I bet this gotta be one of the longest if not THE longest, proportionately I mean. Btw does anyone actually know which statue that got the longest sword? Or did anyone at least make a comparison of this one and the old?

Sorry for not posting any pics at this point, but I got such poor lightning at home, but I´ll try to figure something out to contribute like tomorrow or so..
Gawd I am loving the size of that thing :guts: and nice choice of Guts pics you got displayed, I was thinking doing something similar actually but I recently got another idea, though others have probably done it before, will soon be posting some shit too hopefully..

Btw is that the german editions of the manga you got there? Are they like compiled by half the volumes or something?
IncantatioN said:
That's one badass display, congrats man.

Hanma_Baki said:
Gawd I am loving the size of that thing :guts: and nice choice of Guts pics you got displayed,

Thank you ^^

Hanma_Baki said:
Btw is that the German editions of the manga you got there? Are they like compiled by half the volumes or something?

Yes, I have the German edition of the manga.
In Germany there are two different versions of the berserk manga the normal one like the Japanese one and the Max edition which has two volumes in one manga.
Hah cool. Would be nice if DH or some other english publisher would do such releases too, even 3-in-1, like the Vagabond vizbig editions, would be awesome. I remember we discussed it on the DH manga board a long time ago and a DH employee actually replied and said they had something like that in mind but that good things take time...Hope he was serious.


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They have these double/triple volumes of Berserk in Japan too, but I dont like them.
Sure they look good on the book shelve but they don't read as easily as the regular volumes...
Hope this is the right place for this . Just wanted to post a bit of my collection . I have more stuff coming in from rinkya so ill take better pics at that time . http://s883.photobucket.com/albums/ac36/hitokiri89/My%20collection/.
Here are some updated pics with new stuff that came in from rinkya and some other stuff i didnt get in the last time .

Finally arrive: Berserk a to Zodd Houma no: 70 LE a Locus Houma no: 46 LE




Zodd a Locus

Guts, Griffith, Zodd a Locus

I have alredy:

Black Swordsman PVC/ Limited Splashing Blood Version
Guts Magun
Black swordman first release

but I sell this statue, now I wish: Femto, Guts Berserk armor ...I hope one day I buy this statue :-)
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