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Awesome, I love the Fire Dragon.....too bad he's so small but next best thing for that pose versus Headlong kit. We'll see how this new Tentacle ship one measures up.
Been lurking here for some time, thought I would share pictures of my collection with you guys.

same scale





very nice Rick!

i love the shadow of the colossus figures omfg my favorite game on the ps2 and when i was a kid you wont believe it i beat it in one sitting XD, imagine of they were a bigger scale :guts:
Thanks guys, the other figures are mostly video game related, final fantasy, darksiders, persona etc

Believe it or not they did make a bigger sotc statue of the first colossus, it's worth a fortune now, even the smaller figures are worth a lot of money, I'm probably gonna unload the full set on ebay sooner than later.
well havent updated everyone in a while! but i got some awesome news! i got 2 more Glass cabs for my future statues :) they usually go for $79.99 but they were sold out for a while and the lady put a raincheck for me and when it came in she gave me a 20% off it! and i asked if i could grab another so i got 2 glass cabs for $ about $128 :) i assembeld one one is sitting in storage until i need it :femto:

i have about 6 more statues coming but here are some pics of the current layout of the statues and as well as my Pad :eek: :guts:

EDIT(i missed a two statues to take a pic of... oh well)















That's exactly what I though, big collection, that's nice. Even my ex-Kingdom of Falconia is display :serpico:
Drakull said:
Great bains1989, you got both 1/10 SKullknight on horse !

But I would ever never set such pieces above detolf !

hey Drakull!

thanks for the comment :) all my cabs are the SAGA's from JYSk they are much sturdyer and have nice knobs on the bottom

not put them on top? to protect from dust? :p :carcus:
Drakull said:
no from falling down !

I have Kids :D

bahahah i totally understand :iva:

i live by myself and nobody comes over usually so im safe, unless my nightmare comes true and a earthquake hits and all my statues smash :???: (knock on wood)
Congrats on the 1/15 guts on rock berserker armor. Its on of my favorites.
My grails now are Irvine and Grunbeld in apostle form. Maybe one day I'll hire a sculptor to do it, or try do it myself (Once I learn how to sculpt , lol). I think the current price for Grunbeld is too much, for such a tiny thing, even tho it looks gorgeous ;)

Must be hard having a collection with little kids in your house ! Not to compare, but I adopted a big dog, and when she got here as a puppy she'd chew on everyones stuff ( everyone's but mine). Luckily she is very well behaved in my room, and has earned my trust.

Sometimes my GF talks about our probable future child etc. I wonder if Berserk is too dark a collection for a little child haha. I don't intend to get rid of it !
the new board suck balls. Omg.

Wow nice collection Bain. I envy you now.

And the grunberd fire dragon is actually pretty large. Get it if u can. If u build one yourselves it is gonna cost more.
last 2 statues im buying for a little while :eek: parents are going through some real rough shit so need to help deal with that first :judo: the skull knight those eyes THOSE RUBY EYES



bains1989 said:
last 2 statues im buying for a little while :eek: parents are going through some real rough shit so need to help deal with that first :judo: the skull knight those eyes THOSE RUBY EYES

is that zood revelation from AOW?
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