Do you think it's possible that Skull Knight could have been a former Godhand member?

There was a video that raised the question and it peeked my curiosity. Even though I find it low, what do you think? was it possible after dying in the Berserker Armor he had a behelit and eventually defected? Do you think it's possible for a Godhand to defect?


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This is a very old idea, probably as old as Skull Knight's introduction, given how intimidating and otherworldly he comes across as. But I just don't think it adds up, for a wide variety of reasons.

1) There's nothing to support it in the series. There has not been any mention of an evil od around him. There's been nothing suspicious about him, other than that Puck detected something elfish about him back in Vol 18, which was never commented on again (maybe soon though!).

2) Structurally, it would make for an incredibly convoluted backstory. We would need not only the expected story of what happened to him between emperor and skull knight, but also this fundamental transformation of his soul, being transfused with evil power, somehow evading the Vortex, all sandwiched somewhere in between.

3) There's the problem of how such a rebellion would be congruent within the overall theme of causality being manipulated by a god-like entity. Using Griffith as our guide, future members of the God Hand are subject to very careful manipulations, down to their lineage, and a prescribed path carved out among the politics of the times. And certainly each member has a choice, but for one to go through with the sacrifice and transmutation process and STILL rebel would be a catastrophic flaw in the plan.

4) We pretty much have the broad strokes of SK's backstory pinned down, adding a surprise turn of him being a former GH would feel really out of left field.

5) Lastly, I don't think becoming a God Hand member is something one could come back from. They shed their "final tear" upon entering the abyss, giving up their humanity to become something that transcends humanity.

Now, my answer for #3 notwithstanding, I think it would still be congruent and COOL for Gaiseric to have been groomed to become the first member of the God Hand, but he rejected it, so events coalesced and the offer instead went to Void. I like the idea of Gaiseric rising above the temptation, rejecting it, then having his empire smashed as a result, and he is forced to live through "the ruins of a dream,"as Void alluded to in Vol 12.
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