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Howdy folks, long time no post! As the title suggests, would you like to learn Japanese? Well I have something that you might be interested in.

A friend told me a about website that he has been using to learn Japanese, specifically Kanji, for a bit of time. After a month and some change of using it, I am a huge supporter of it now. I have learned probably 75 kanji during that time frame. That may not seem like a lot but learning a new language, especially with Kanji can be a very challenging thing.

Without further ado, I present to you, - The Crabigator

This link here, , can explain how it teaches you, the thing that got me into it was the whole "level up" aspect. You learn a kanji or a radical, type it out right after a few days, you get some "exp" that moves you closer to the next level. As an avid gamer, I automatically get into the mentality of, "I want to level up and win the game! :zodd: "

This site is good if you are busy with other things like family, work, etc since its at a "your own pace" type of structure.

So If you want to learn some 日本語, then I would suggest you check it out. The first two levels are free and I would suggest you complete though's first before you setup a subscription.

Also if you do stick with it, here is a supplementary site that goes with WaniKani.

Its pretty easy to figure out but you just set it to the level that you are on and it will display sentences with the kanji that you should know to help with memorization and most importantly, which version of the kanji to use. Be warned though that this site is learning just Kanji, not sentences structure, so you will have to do some independent studying if you don't have that aspect down.

This thread is obviously open for any comments or questions! Happy studying! :carcus:
Thanks for posting those links, SaiyajinNoOuji! I'm in the process of learning Japanese right now, so I'm definitely going to check those sites out.
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