Each Character in one word


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If you could summarize each character in one word what would it be?

For me:

Guts: Badass

Griffith: Scum

Casca: Broken

Isidro: Potential

Schierke: Wise

Farnese: Complicated

Serpico: Awesome

Magnifico: douchebag

Roderick: Noble

Judeau: Kind

Pippin: Gigantic

Corkus: Hater

The Godhand: Monsters

Rickert: Naïve

The Dragonslayer: Whoa.
Why not?

Guts: Beast

Griffith: Greedy

Casca: Regressed

Isidro: Smartass

Schierke: Prodigy

Farnese: Lost

Serpico: Tactician

The Godhand: Weird

Rickert: Innocent

The Dragonslayer: ZOMGWTFPWND
Guts: hero

Griffith: awsome

Casca: indecisive

Isidoro: fodder

Schierke: amazing

Farnese: interesting

Serpico: mysterious

The God Hand: evil

Rickert: adorable

Roderick: hot

Judeau: loving

Pippin: gentle

Corkus: ass
wow, my very first post at the forum :ubik:

Guts: Berserk (duh)

Griffith: Traitor

Casca: Insecurity

Puck: Companion

Isidro: Funny

Farnese: Dependent

Serpico: Intelligence

Judeau: Gentle

Pippin: Neutral

Corkus: Envious

The Godhand: Mysterious

Rickert: Prodigy

Zodd: Strong

Skull Knight: Awesome

Luca: Lead

Nina: Weak



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Seems as good a topic as any to throw in my first post (be gentle guys haha) :)

Guts: Vengeful

Griffith: Manipulator

Casca: Tragic

Isidro: Plucky

Schierke: Cute

Farnese: Waifu :carcus:

Serpico: Tortured

Magnifico: Wuss

Roderick: Charmer

Judeau: Bro

Pippin: Affable

Corkus: Snarky

The Godhand: Terror

Rickert: Optimist

The Dragonslayer: Death


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Interesting topic. Berserk characters are so well developed and fleshed out that it is nearly impossible to describe each one of them in one word. Therefore, I'll only use words that describe what I like or dislike the most about them.

Guts: Integrity - That's one thing I always admired about Guts. Whatever faults he has, Guts is an honest man. There is a strength of character in him that sets him apart from almost anyone in the series. I'm pretty sure if he had been in Griffith's place during the Eclipse, he'd have told the God Hand where to shove it.

Puck: Goodness - I would have picked Mischief, but I thought I'd mention a quality of serious :puck: Puck is one of the few characters who have always been good. He served as Guts moral compass, and helped preserve his humanity, among other things. The series would have been poorer had Miura never conceived this character.

Casca: Loyalty - Casca's one person that, when her loyalty's earned, would never let anyone down.

Farnese: Sincerity - Her wish to learn more about magic, her wish to be 'useful' to the group even though she was, and so on have always been sincere. That is one of Farnese's most admirable qualities.

Serpico: Cunning - I've always been impressed by Serpico's displays of brilliance throughout the series. Ever since he threw that piece of wood on Guts' legs as he was about to get Farnese, I knew Serpico would be someone to watch out for.

Schierke: Resourcefulness - Really what can this girl not do? Ever since she joined up with Guts' group, she has been, more or less, the brains behind the operation, having a solution to many of the problems they encountered. It is all the more impressive considering her age.

Isidro: Resourcefulness - Again, but of another kind. The situations he adapted to and got himself out of prove this.

Roderick: Competence - I initially misjudged this character at his introduction, dismissing him as no more than another spoiled noble. But he has time and again demonstrated his competence, most notably as a captain of a warship.

Rickert: Engineer - As an engineering graduate, I had to pick that one...on a more serious note, I'd say Bravery, due to that scene with Griffith on the bridge of separation. Other than that, Creativity.

Judeau: Perception - Really, hardly anything got past this guy. He's one dude I wouldn't want to be around if I were up to something.

Godo: Wisdom - Aside from being a badass blacksmith, Godo offered some of the most memorable lines in the series. That speech alone when he called Guts out on his BS established him as one of the wisest characters in the series.

Dragon Slayer: Symbol - Dragonslayer's size and impracticality is more than just a 'badass factor' for Guts. Those two aspects make the sword a character itself, representing Guts' almost insurmountable odds and the great struggle he puts up.

There are so many other characters one could talk about, but those will do for now. :serpico:


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For some reason I'm terrified to start posting on this forum :farnese: But here goes!

Guts: Unyielding

Griffith: Ambitious

Casca: I'll steal Lawliets word here and say Loyal

Isidro: Reckless

Schierke: Dependable

Farnese: Vulnerable

Serpico: Resourceful

Magnifico: Fool

Roderick: Competent (Not my fault Lawliet is on point with his wording!)

Judeau: Perceptive

Pippin: Strong

Corkus: Cynical

The Godhand: Untouchable

Rickert: Pure

The Dragonslayer: Monstrous
Guts: Homo Viator

Griffith: Unhuman

Casca: Distant

Puck: Pure

Ivarela: Unnecessary

Isidro: Monkey

Schierke: Untimely mature

Farnese: Fragile

Serpico: Servant

Magnifico: Fool

Roderick: Prince charming

Judeau: Good guy

Pippin: Tank

Corkus: Scum

Gaston: Trustful

The Godhand: Archangels

Zodd: Noble demon

Rickert: Leonardo da Vinci

Erica: Hearty

Luca: Leader

Sonia: Joanne d'Arc

Mule: Gentlemanly

Pope: Doting

Meh, one word was not enough sometimes...
Guts: human...Guts is hand down the most human and empathy inducing character I have ever seen. Guts as a character has seriously made other characters I have liked seem shallow next to him. And Batman is my favorite fictional character ever, and even he is falling short next to Guts at this point. Bravo Miura!

Griffith: calculating...watching him in action maneuver his way through all the political intrigue courtly back stabbing was a treat. I loved that he was just a peasant and put those nobles in their place. He just did not care! Anyone who got in his way they were gone! Even the freaking queen of the realm. I loved how smooth and charming he was back then.

Isidro: driven. I love how driven and motivated he is in spite of hindrances. I can't wait what growth he has when he gets to elfhelm.

Schierke: intelligent. I really like how intelligent she is at such an early age, She is perfect intellectual partner to Guts.

Farnese: evolved. I am very impressed with the evolution of Farnese's character, she has had the most character development and change out of any one in this manga. I hope that he romantic feelings for Guts does not hurt that incredible character growth

Serpico: co-dependent. I like Serpico, but he needs to find some use out side of serving Farnese. It like he is suffering from Stockholm syndrome or something...please let him get past that on elfhelm.

Magnifico: deluded nuff said...

Roderick: handsome :farnese: come on now, I can't be the only one who appreciates this swashbuckling roguish stud muffin! He only suffers in comparison to Guts because Guts is walking testosterone. Otherwise Farnese would have gotten it on with him by now and you all know it!

Judeau: giving... how many people would have been as giving and supportive of Casca and Guts relationship if you had feelings for that person.

Pippin: stoic...he said very little but he had so much going on inside his head.

Corkus: unappreciated...Corkus comes off like an ass but lets be honest, he was an unappreciated gem during the Golden Age arc. I honestly enjoyed his character

Rickert: Badass! anyone who can pimp slap the supreme ruler of everything in defense of his fallen comrades is very much a badass.

I left Casca off of this because I can't think of anything, and I don't want to fall back on things like "broken" "tragic" or "undecided" what not because I feel they describe her current state which is not the true Casca. Maybe after she is restored and she has personality different from the golden age self I'll have something to say...
Sorry for doing so many characters. I love doing these thought exercises though. Anyway, here they are.

Guts - determination

Griffith - Pompous

Casca - Victim

Slan - Siren

Void - Governor

Ubik - impersonator

Conrad - Odd (this is the one that I really can't think of much for out of the godhand.)

Farnese - Concerned

Serpico - Unpredictable

Schierke - Cutie (at the beginning I would have put prideful but she has changed a lot since that initial encounter.)

Isidro - Thief (original word) Annoying (now)

Puck - Friendly

Ivarela - Self-Important

Magnifico - Pretentious

Roderick - Captivating

Rickert - Smacker (just kidding) straightforward

Zodd - Adversary

Luka - Undervalued

Erica - Naive

Sonia - (sorry I have 2 for her) Mischievous and Unorthodox

Mule - Uptight

Pope - Idolater

Irvine - Cautious

The skull Knight - Cryptic

Grunbeld - Dragon

Locus - Devoted

Raksas - Mysterious

Charlotte - Dense

Laban - Honorable

Owen - Caring

Silat - Truth-seeker

Azan - Mustache

Daiba - Knowledgeable


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Guts: Struggler!

Griffith: Lost or blind, the first thing i think about when it comes to Griffith is the way he hid the events of the eclipse away and refused to accept that the original band of the hawk is dead by his hands. Not in the literal way, but by immediately remaking a "shinier and better" band with the apostles, and inviting Rickert back, as if to reassure himself that "it's all the way we left it, right?".

Casca: Broken

Isidro: Naive

Serpico: Wayward

Farnese: Trouble

Azan: Washed-up

Roderick: Reliable

Manifico: Slimy

Puck: Heart

Void: Preacher

Slan: Lust

Ubik: Trickery

Conrad: Primal

Skullknight: Oracle

Zodd: Carnage

Rickert: Purity

Rakshas: Fleeting

Grunbeld: Phoney

Locus: Arrogant

A couple sound pretty negative like Isidro and Azan, but I absolutely love those aspects of their characters. Can't find the right words. And when i think of Farnese and Serpico all i get is the foreshadowing of major struggles for the future of their relationship so its hard to separate them from that.
Guts: Self-sacrifice

Griffith: Ambition

Casca: Victim

Isidro: Goofball

Schierke: Soothing

Farnese: Tragic

Serpico: Unrequited

Magnifico: Corcus

Roderick: Charismatic

Judeau: Ignored

Pippin: Gentle

Corkus: Conflicted

The Godhand: Power

Rickert: Innocence

The Dragonslayer: Carnage
Sado said:
Magnifico: Corcus
I know Magnifico and Corcus have some what similar characteristics, but I think it is a real stretch to say Magnifico is a just another Corcus. Also I feel Corcus had a little more too him than Magnifico has shown so far. Although it is interesting to contrast them.
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