Episode 247

Maybe Isidro is gonna discover that hurting a real Human is something really hard?! Like someone said in the Episode 246 Thread, it may be his first fight against Humans, not a Troll or an Apostle!


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Smith said:
Bloodshed? Hmmm does this chapter involved fight?

Obviously Smith, since the last panel of the previous episode had Schierke facing some pirates, and Isidro coming in their direction.

puella said:
I think it is not bad for the kanji "ninjyô", which means something like "to injure(hurt) people wielding a sword".

Looks like the first panel of the next episode. Nothing much to speculate about... can anyone read-translate what Evarella is saying?


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Perhaps Sonja has become deranged from touching the minds of apostles...
Maybe Sonja is excited to see a witch in action...
Maybe... hrm... I'll come up with more ideas later


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Has a bad ass name, but I doubt the chapter will live up to Bloodshed without Guts going berserk or something.

Isidro vs Pirates! Schierke using her magic to heal/help him! Puck giving Isidro his aid! Sonja cheering him on!!!

Definitly wont live up to its name  :(. Awsome none the less though.

Prethanks to:

Olivier H.
Aazealh (for linking)
Whoever posts scans (probably bakou)



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"Griffith No More!" said:
It's two powerful magic users against some retarded pirates, what reason does she have not to smile?

because pirates have... huh, laserbeams coming out of their ass? just kidding. Anyway, this is Berserk, things aren't supposed to be all happy n flowers n teddy bears. I woulnd't be surprised if some of the kids got killed or if schierke got out of this mess with a purple eye :)


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DemonX said:
Prethanks to:

Oliver H.
Whoever posts scans

It's Olivier... And what about Puella and I for the title/linking? (notice who edited asmer's post?) :p As for the scans, it'd have to be Bakou I guess.

Otherwise, I got to wonder what will happen in that episode, I don't think it'll go flawlessly.
Aazealh said:
Yeah, a PS2 special edition Berserk poster, 60cm x 50cm.
OK, thanks! It looks like the YA is really bigger than the manga (~ 12 cm x 18 cm I think), or maybe the poster is just folded 4 times?!... :-\

xechnao said:
Actually neither Schierke has killed a human before from what we know
Perhaps Schierke will charm the pirates to fight each other?
Yes, I think Schierke has other mean of fighting than just a sword, if Isidro was to fight the pirates, he may be in a position to hurt them, or maybe to be hurt himself!


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asmer said:
OK, thanks! It looks like the YA is really bigger than the manga (~ 12 cm x 18 cm I think)

What, you mean the magazine itself compared to the volumes ? It's twice bigger approximately.
hmmmm...not sure i like more fighting, last chapter was great, it reminded me why i like berserk in the first place. talking and dialogue between the characters came before the fighting.

fighting without much of a motive or reason just makes an action story.

i hope there will be more talk and less action, at least for now, i mean the gang has already got inot enough trouble for the time being, they need to slow down now.


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SLOTH said:
I think the pirates will turn out to be demons and Guts will have to step in to rough them up a little bit.

Nah, I just think we met the sapphic trio of berserk on that one image... "not gonna get us, not gonna get uuus" :p just kidding. I'll upload the images, as usual, as soon as they're out (lets someone opposes).
Curious to why they call it "Bloodshed," sounds like a name that should be saved for one of the heavy action moments and I can't picture this Pirate confrontation lasting any longer than 10 pages against Schierke.
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