Episode 337


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I don't know exactly where or when this illustration first originated (it does look familiar though), but the auction for it at Mandarake will take place in July.
Mangetsu said:
Was not sure where to post this, so i will just do it here in this thread. This is a recent drawing by Miura of Guts, which also includes his autograph of course. Probably done for a contest, in which the winner would get this drawing. This drawing also seems to be drawn with the brush, if you zoom in you can see the brush strokes. Im not sure though

Love it :badbone:

Edit: Im not sure if it is a recent drawing or not, but it atleast seems to be one.

Good Lord! How could I miss that!
I don't know how to use manda auction anyway, but this is amazing drawing. I checked manda and it still hand't been sold, so I guess we can try to obtain it.
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