Episode 364

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What also really affected me, and I wasn't expecting it to so much, were all the letters and comics from Miura's peers and friends. Even though I couldn't read/understand the Japanese, I am not ashamed to admit that I actually ended up crying and brought to tears by the time I started Kouji Mori's farewell comic.

Yes, these are really just from his friends and they're very thoughtful. Wazarai, Akkiu and Nico Nicholson's entries are hard hitting, but Mori's is the one that's really impossible to bear with a straight face.
On a more joyful note, I really love those two concept arts of a post apocalyptic dinosaur-ostrich race. The biped mount even reminds me of another concept art Miura did in the 2000s.


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This Episode definitely didn't ruin the "ending" that was in the previos one.
I'm heartbroken again, I almost cried again, but is a good.
This almost prophetic endig hit hard, same for Mori at the end.

Goodbye Sensei, it's been an honor.
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The tone of this episode lulled me into feeling like we had all the time in the world. There were so many splendidly silly and carefree moments with all my favorite characters. Guts' dulling senses reminded me that soon, Berserk was going to be taken from us again.

Griffith appearing before Guts and Casca being the end echoes reality, the good times coming to an end so abruptly.

I'll never forget Berserk. I'm happy that we got one last episode and that we've got each other.


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I don't have much to say, other than that this episode was emblematic of the quality of storytelling that we've enjoyed from Miura over the years. He always delivered the most intriguing mysteries, the most satisfying reveals, and the cutest comedic asides. To be alive while Berserk has been in publication is a true privilege for which I'll always be grateful!

For Griffith, Guts, Casca, and the child to be together in the final pages of this episode feel like a triumphant culmination of so many threads Miura had labored in pulling together for decades. I'm happy for him, that he was able to achieve this moment as an artist and storyteller. It's truly a bitter feeling that he isn't here to enjoy the fruits of that achievement right now.

It's going to be rough looking through the tributes following the episode (I'm working and haven't had a chance to view them yet), but it feels good to once again be reminded of how well-respected and loved Miura was by his peers. He was truly a special person who brought countless people together.


Rest In Peace, Kentaro Miura. We will miss you.
Thank you for the wild rides over the years, Miura. I can be satisfied with this beautiful and tragic ending. A fitting end for Berserk.


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For those who have the digital edition, don't miss the last section of the magazine. The final tribute by Kouji Mori is incredible and a testament to their friendship. Don't want to say more than that.

Before that, and before the episode, we got quite a few decent full page color art pieces. It's like a mini artbook!
Wow. This episode was insane. Looks like everyone kinda predicted the general layout pretty accurately. Despite this, I am still somehow shocked. As always, a great episode. RIP Miura.


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I'm at a loss for words... what a thing to end on. I can't think of a better or worse place for us to have to end things, if it was a non-big moment like middle of a fight or some build-up episode it would hurt a lot for not having seen more of the plot move forward but this almost hurts more knowing there's not another page...

That Kouji Mori comic also got me misty-eyed, I am excited to see the translation and also know it's gonna hurt even more then.
The last drawing, the last sentence... how many emotions I felt, how many tears I will shed from now on. But I am the happiest person in the world because I can say that I read "Berserk" in life starting as a child (9 years old) until I became an adult. A work that has accompanied me and that will accompany me throughout my life.

Sayonara, Miura-sensei!
Miura-sensei, thank you!

Even beyond your life, you brought excitement and satisfaction from another episode. You're too good at your craft, as I'm of course left with wanting more.

Phenomenal episode. Now as we have hit the ending, I will start from the beginning. As I have said, it's about what I have gained, not what I have lost.
Man, what a beautiful episode and how painful it was to read it. I feel like our own Golden Age has come to an end, and we were lucky enough to be able to stop, look back, and take in one more beautiful, golden moment before passing through the exit for good.

Depending on what’s said in the episode, I feel like this is a perfect place to stop as well.
In my head, I’m fine with the idea that Guts and Casca mistakenly think the boy was a cruel trick (or something similar) of Griffith’s, an idea backed by the more in-the-know characters either telling small white lies or withholding information/conjecture. Guts, combining that with his physical health, decides to not pick up the DS again. Guts and Casca end up being healed completely, physically and emotionally, over time and spend the rest of their lives together with their new family in paradise, away from the suffering and troubles of the world they were born into. And Griffith returns to Falconia and continues his conquests, with the Slap being foreshadowing to his implied eventual fall at the hands of a Bakiraka-led, science/technology (and SK)-backed resistance movement.
Wow, what an episode! That cliffhanger at the end has to be the biggest one of them all! I actually hope that Berserk will continue at some point. I really want to see Guts + Cascas reaction now and what happens next.


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I really want to see Guts + Cascas reaction now and what happens next.

Here's what happens next:

What an Incredible episode. I'm a big fan of slice of life stuff, so I really enjoyed that aspect of this episode. And just WOW on that ending, I can only imagine what would have happened next....

I'm nothing but grateful to have gotten to experience this final Masterpiece by Miura sensei.
Wonder if Griffith jumps on top of his blade again?
He'll catch it with his teeth...

Anyway, thank you for the magical journey Mr. Miura. I read your manga for half of my life. You never jumped the shark or lowered your standards. You got them off the boat and cured Casca. This last episode is great as well. One last meeting, 20 years after the hill of swords. Too bad we didn't learn why Guts has pointy ears, or what's the deal with Skull Knight. Or why is Void's brain larger than his head.
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