Episode 364

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His ability to speak directly through his characters is astounding. Even in his newer style, Griffith's eyes pierce your soul with the emotion conveyed. There will never be another like him. RIP the GOAT Mangaka.
Not to take too much away from the episode itself, concerning the editorial comment and what some people have said about the fanbase...there was an angry rant I had in my drafts a few times yesterday but didn't want to kill the mood. After seeing what some others have said I've worked up the courage to post it.

I was ENRAGED yesterday when I saw a recommended article in my newsfeed titled "Berserk's Editorial Reportedly Wants To Continue The Manga". It was written by Dualshockers, obviously a clickbait rag of a site but also big enough I can tell I've heard the name before. Reading the literal NOTHING of an article they reference tweets by a random Twitter user commenting on the editorial comment where they say " According to the editorial they want to proceed what they think would be the wish of Kentarou Miura". The article then proceeds to completely misrepresent what the tweet says, claiming the user is an insider saying that they "want to continue the manga".

I sent the shitty website 3 messages in the feedback knocking their shit "journalism". I know that I'm getting upset over predictable bullshit that I should just completely ignore, but the fact stands that at the even SLIGHTEST bit of Berserk news from now until ever, these "iS iT gOiNg To CoNtInUe ?!" articles will pop up. While the article itself (especially when purely clickbait and bad reporting) is a problem, it's the fact that they are only fueling and whipping up frenzy in the "fans" wanting a continuation every single time.

This article was sort of the straw that broke the camels back for me on this subject. You think this editorial comment could finally put the conversation to rest, if not for the time being, but even this MEMORIAL issue is being used by some to fan the flames of toxic discourse concerning Miura's Berserk. Makes me sick.
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This is an official statement about the future of Berserk, from YA #18....
So this is the end, this will be a painfull read.

I'm not going to lie, i expected some more information, maybe some drafts or history boards or at least some vague idea on what Miura was going for with the history but if seems i was still on denial, which makes me feel even worse, i never expected a continuation on the history without Miura but i hoped at least some small info, a glimpse to what was the conclusion but now all i can do is imagine what could it be.

I guess now all we can do is endure and struggle, just like what Miura would have wanted us to do
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We depart from our beloved adventure for the final time. :judo: It was amazing, and I was lucky to have it in my life. I’m happy to see Casca healed. I’m happy to see the family reunited one final time. I’m happy that Guts seemed to finally get some sleep.

1998 I believe the year I saw a bloody EGM magazine screenshot of some hulking guy welding “Clouds sword or something.” A article previewing the up coming Dreamcast game. It would be 2 years later as a enthusiast Dreamcast owner I would come across the Dreamcast game. Looking on the back of the jewel case, the screen shots previewed there would remind of that EGM article and I bought it. Starting my long beloved journey. Thank you Miura and Rest In Peace.


With the streak of a tear, Like morning dew
A quick PSA for those of you who want to avoid spoilers.

I just saw the translated episode posted in some places (including reddit). It's not the complete episode, only 12 pages. So, if you want to avoid spoilers, make sure to avoid it.

More like a PSA to go find it! I don't really get why people are releasing clean scanlations of like 60% of the episode though. That's no longer a sneak peak preview leak, at that point just put it out, or... don't do that?

Anyway, hang tough everyone, I'm looking forward to getting the whole picture and being able to discuss without embargoes because there's a lot to digest, including the big picture implications (besides it being the last release). I also realized this episode, unlike 363, has the major disadvantage of being judged with the expectations of being THE FINAL EPISODE OF BERSERK when it wasn't meant to be, so there's that to process in addition to everything else.

BTW, I'm calling the last page as my future avatar once the episode is officially out and I'm not ruining the series for half of you. Nobody else even think about it. *cut to everyone using that as their avatar* =)
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Here it is, folks. The last episode: https://www.hakusensha-e.net/store/product/2830XXXXyanimal02118

I just finished it.

Incredible episode! So much is here. It's the slice-of-life on the island that I was really waiting for the past 2 years. We finally got it here at the very end, along with what is effectively an entire episode focused on the boy. Miura lifted the veil in spectacular fashion, and right in front of Guts and Casca.

One of my first thoughts was about Guts' reaction. This poor guy... the look of shock on his face on the second-to-last page. He's going to feel betrayed, as if the boy had been a ruse by Griffith from the very beginning. I wonder how he'd eventually learn the truth, that the boy truly was seeking out his parents in earnest. I hope that such anguish wouldn't last long.

And beyond the beautiful and enigmatic final page, what really shocked me in this episode was seeing the Dragon Slayer slip from Guts' hands mid-swing. We knew that the armor would dull his senses, but what a blow...


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Very dense episode, as usual. It's the restful, slice of life episode @Walter kept clamoring for. :slan: One of them, at least! There might have been more.
Hard for me to get into it too much right now, but I'll say that I really loved how they handled the reveal that Schierke was mistaken about the boy. Isidro's small triumph was delectable.
Isma's assumption, that the boy just swam from her island, was also pretty cute & funny.

As is typical of Miura, he manages to naturally insert key developments both about the deterioration of Guts' body due to the armor and about Casca's recovery of her memories in what is otherwise all about the boy.
As expected from the preview we had in YA's last issue, Casca also bears witness to the transformation, and her witnessing the confrontation between Guts and Griffith would have likely led to further developments about her memories.

In a bitter twist, the Great Berserk Exhibition's banner was clearly meant to be included in episode 365. So we know what Guts' immediate reaction would have been, but nothing beyond that. Left to our imagination, although to be clear, I don't think a real battle would have ensued in that context.

What Griffith says on the last page evokes Rutger Hauer's greatest acting moment to me, and reminded me of Miura's early influences in 1980s movies.

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Along with a single tear
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I'm happy to be here at this moment. Of course not happy that the episode just witnessed is the final one... But I'm thankful for the experience, however bittersweet it is, of reading it just now.

I sure hope there's not a single soul out there denying the connection between demon baby, moonlight boy and Griffith/Femto's corporeal body after this episode! Because Miura took a piledriver to hammer that one in for everybody here!
I'm happy to be here at this moment. Of course not happy that the episode just witnessed is the final one... But I'm thankful for the experience, however bittersweet it is, of reading it just now.
I honestly can't believe such a magnificent episode like this one, got to be the last one. It's just perfect in a way. Miura had this prepared before he passed away. It's just so sad, but at the same time, such a satisfying last work.


With the streak of a tear, Like morning dew
Damn Aaz, if you're going to post tears in rain gifs, what am I even here for? =)

BTW, I too want the express my love for how Schierke being wrong was handled, this felt like a loveletter to us fans, "Nice efforts, guys..." :ganishka:

Anyway, I should have pre-written something for this moment, but it's a great episode as usual, and eerily appropriate given the circumstances under which it's being released, but maybe I'd see those ghosts in any case. It's an incredible coincidence we got anywhere near a final meeting and some measure of closure for our classic big three given how far apart they were and that seemed, even though this was merely an inflection point. It may not be the sort of peaceful, ambiguous sendoff the previous episode provided (like Wally said, bad beat for Guts here), there was so much more to come in any case, but I'm grateful we got this and it happened to be so rewarding on so many fronts, even though it also crystalizes the loss.
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Just purchased and finished reading the digital issues. As for the issue itself I can only echo what others have already said about.

What also really affected me, and I wasn't expecting it to so much, were all the letters and comics from Miura's peers and friends. Even though I couldn't read/understand the Japanese, I am not ashamed to admit that I actually ended up crying and brought to tears by the time I started Kouji Mori's farewell comic. Though since I am work presently, I had to stifle my sobs. It's really incredible how much the medium of comics can convey emotionally even in languages different people might not understand.
seeing guts drop the dragon slayer really hurt to see wow. In typical fashion, the ending has me wanting more but my soul is at ease at this point. I'm really happy I got to read this episode, thank you for this final gift Miura!
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