Favorite Quote?

Volume 5 has a line that appears at the beginning of every episode of the '97 anime. I like the part after this line that doesn't appear in the animation.
It goes something like this: "In the distant days of memory, people pick up swords to protect the wounds in their hearts.In the distant days of missing, people waved their swords in order to pass away with a smile."
These two passages sum up the Berserker story and hint at the lives of Griffith and Guts.The golden age, which cannot be returned, is the best time in their memory.
"He has become the god Shiva." - Tapasan Bakiraka, referring to the Dread Emperor's transformation into a mockery of the divine. I love this line. The entire sequence is amazing, but just how the Bakiraka warriors look upon the grotesque form of Ganishka makes that line so powerful to me. I love how the main heroes were not present at all in this World-changing event. Just by being mere witnesses to what is transpiring, immensely increased the importance of the Bakiraka clan and their leader Silat.
"Before I could decide if I liked it or not, I hit the iron in front of me.
After that... I was so busy trying to improve and craft better stuff... that one day I woke up an old man."

When I read this quote for the first time, more than a decade ago, I didn't pay much attention to it. But it really hit me after re-reading the manga again, because I've realized I feel like this about a couple of things I do in my life. I've also found my own kind of sparks in these activities, which engulf me just like it happens to Godo. And I really like to see them.

I think it's a very powerful metaphor by Miura. Perfectly executed.
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