Favorite two-page spreads


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Ramen4ever said:
I am REALLY looking forward to this. Now that this is out in the open, theres no turning back, CnC!! :SK:

Well, I kinda just did something like this (color-wise). Perhaps in the future I'll tackle this one but I make no promises :serpico:
Omega Tom Hanks said:
My fav?

The whole manga itself, its just one big 2 page spread full of violence, sex and win. And I love every bit of it.
Yea exactly. You can't pick a fav, it just can't be done. It has a lot of good art all around which also visable changes as the time goes on - getting better. But that happens with everything and also allows one to see how the artist is improving and changing things but thats another story


Nor sure if I should say sorry for resurrecting an ancient topic but I just can't help myself. :griffnotevil:

I absolutely love the Conviction Arc, my (at the moment) favorite arc of Berserk with some breathtaking art. This before and after shot in particular.


Some more incredible art from the Conviction Arc, the latter has been posted before but I think this one is a bit neater.


To contrast to the first two images I want some horrible shit as well, which is just as much Berserk as moments of serene beauty. The artistic design that's on highlight here.. The spacial construction and flow of the images are just wonderful! :ubik:


And even more pieces to showcase Miura's absolute mastery of the medium. I wouldn't call this first one minimalist in any other context then that of Berserk, but I kind of have to lol. And the second spread.. oh my god.. My hands hurt from just seeing that. :isidro:


The juxtaposition of the beauty of Miura's depictions of Griffith's panels and the undertones in context of the series makes for some of the best art pieces in Berserk, but we always gotta remember... :femto:


This was just a few ones that I happen to like in particular for the moment, however every time I re-read the manga, or re-watch the -97's anime (happy 20th anniversary, just 1 day late :slan: ) I always fall in love with individual panels in every volume. Can't we just post the entire manga here? Illegal? Ahh, yeah... nvm.

Hope you enjoy and start sharing panels again! It has been a few years. :daiba:


even the horses are cut in half!
Well of course there is one awesome new spread that got out this year and I think a lot of you guys will agree with that one. The spread of the reunion (Guts/Casca Under the tree) in Elfhelm. Cannot post it because I'm at work but it should be fresh in every reader's mind! :guts:
I've always liked this one


Not one of the most detailed or breathtaking Miura has done, but it gives me a feeling of old school badassery (I especially like the decapitated dog head hanging on to Guts' prosthetic)
The majority of two-page spreads that Miura drew were awesome, in the older sense of the word: They truly inspire awe. He really had a spot on understanding of scene compositions and the elements that make something feel epic. Choosing something specific is impossible, tomorrow I would choose something else.

However, of course there are some that are my favorite and instantly think about them when this topic is brought up. Some honorable mentions that made me stare at the scenes truly amazed at my first read in random order:

1) Zodd & Guts "human bullet" vs Ganishka. Every fan must have lost their mind when this happened. I went in the forum out of curiosity, searching reactions for this specific episode, and yep, they were as I imagined. In other manga, maybe this moment would be considered fanservice in a derogatory sense, but this was set up so organically by Miura, it made sense. The stage was perfect for something like this. If there's one double page scene that makes me shout "YEAH!" raising my fist with adrenaline and joy, like a sports fan or something, it's this one.:guts::zodd:

2) Skullknight interrupting Femto. Now, for me, this is perfection, simple as that. Everything about this scene makes me thankful that I was able to read Berserk, and that I'm a fantasy fan in general. Reading these episodes was the most memorable period for me, because it was when Ganishka became a gigantic Lovecraftian abomination that I finally caught up with the manga, from that point on I was with the rest of you, waiting for new releases. Not only it was a pivotal moment for everything that would come next, those episodes may be the most impressive ones visually in the whole series, at least for me.:femto::SK::zodd:

3) Ubik in the garden of unearthly delights. That was so fun and unexpected, I smiled and said "damn Miura, what a genius" while I was reading. "Garden of earthly delights" by Hieronymus Bosch was one my favorite paintings from the fist time I saw it, visually striking, ominous and wildly imaginative. Not that I'm an art buff, but I knew some important paintings growing up, from artbooks and stuff. To see Miura recreate that part of the painting with Ubik in it, drinking casually tea or something, was a joy I never thought I'd have nor that I wanted. It fitted perfectly in the surrealism and fantasy that invaded the world. Who knew that the end of reason would be so much fun!:ubik:Also, a quick story: When I was in my first year in university studying music, I also had a course about art history. The professor showed us the painting at some point, and when the class ended I approached her and talked about a great homage that exists in a manga. She was very interested and told me to bring it along next time. She saw it and was very impressed. I gave her a quick summary of the scene and the reason it was included, and she wanted me to bring a couple of volumes to read next time.:slan:

4) The beach walk. This warms my heart everytime. It's very nostalgic and bittersweet in some way, especially now. It's beautiful, and there's some hopeful serenity around it. It might be my personal favorite from now on given the circumstances, I imagine our characters taking walks in Elfhelm too in the fictional limbo they're in, healing mental and physical wounds. Not a bad ending all things considered, not bad at all.:guts::casca::farnese::isidro::serpico::puck::iva:

I could put half the manga, but these are the ones I probably hold dear in my heart.
For me, it's my (current) profile picture. Sure, there are probably some cooler ones, including action scenes, pivotal moments or reveals of some sort. But I just really liked how Miura showed the radical difference Ganishka made to the world and its surroundings by featuring this everyday moment of these farmers, interrupted by this wandering colossus. I think it showed extremely well just how overwhelming it must've been for "normal" people to see Ganishka like this, even more so for people who didn't know about his apostle powers and were at least used to some weird things about him. It captures this Lovecraftian feeling, horror, despair and powerlessness a normal person would experience. As readers, we're used to the crazy things Guts experiences from the very first page on but this showed how it's not the norm to experience anything like it, even in this fantasy world. It is because of these normal people, doing a normal job and having a normal life, that I can relate to it so much.
One of my favorite, if not my favorite now. Very epic and overwhelming.

I can't wait to get to see it in my hands on details with volume 41.

somnambulist already mentioned my favorites. But if I had to pick one than it would be the Ubik Garden of earthly delights page. There are a few pages I still remember where my jaw dropped when I first viewed them. The garden of earthly delights page is one of those. I’m not even a big art buff. But I adore surreal style artworks like that one. I have always been fascinated by unimaginably strange artwork. So I was stunned to see it featured in the style of my favorite artist and storyteller Miura.
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