FF 14

Any one still into mmos plan on gettin this game? I have been drawn into it and will give it a try wanted to see if other we're gonna play. Maybe we could join up?!
I'll be buying it. I actually got selected to test out the closed beta for the ps3 and as a long time player of FFXI, I surprisingly enjoyed it.
I tried getting into the beta but have not gotten a key yet. I kinda hope an open beta will come to be. I am excited have not played an mmo since ff11 I am looked to play with others for grouping and help let me know if either of you plan on def playing and are up for it!!


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It is nothing like the first incarnation of the game, and I couldn't be happier about that. But they didn't just play it safe and give longtime FFXI fans more of the same either. My biggest obstacle from enjoying either of Square-Enix's MMOs were their clunky interfaces and insistence on being different for the sake of being different. I've been playing closed beta of ARR for a couple months now, and it seems to strike the right balance between unique and a "tried and true" MMO experience. But most importantly, it's just fun to play. I'm also pleased by the maturity of the community so far, mostly guided by the FFXIV subreddit.

I'm really surprised at how much of a good faith effort they're putting into winning fans over after the disaster that was the original FFXIV. I've been reading the blogs and interviews with the producer Naoki Yoshida, and he's exactly the breath of fresh air Square has needed. The guy seems very down to earth, but most importantly, an MMO player himself. I think the game's in good hands - I preordered a few weeks ago.

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FF: A Realm Reborn is strangely reeling me in with its pretty colors and flashy lights. Hope its not more like a bug to a light zapper. :puck:


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Breed1Ghost said:
It's almost here anyone excited? :guts:
Walter said:

Earlier I was going to type "apparently not," but the enthusiastic double posting reminds me of my Vagabond Inn efforts and staid my hand. Plus, I'm STILL actively playing the Diablo trilogy (yes, 1, 2, AND 3 simultaneously), so I shouldn't throw stones.


I already pre-ordered and playing the open beta right now. I honestly have no idea why as I will most likely get bored within a week.


Doc said:
I was bored after about 10 mins, tbh. Think I'm just not cut out for MMORPGs. :/
I just wanted to go in and start fighting and a little story. But the first 30 minutes or even an hour you're just running around town doing the same boring quests - go to from A to B then back to A to collect your reward. The story is really uninteresting to me. The fighting seems generic so far but I really do like the idea of classes and jobs so I want to give it more time. At least Tera Online the combat felt very different and fun the first time you start playing it.
Ok game comes out tomorrow and I have liked what I played so far. Crafting is addicting as hell I think I did that more then played the game.

I am on server ultras if anyone is still thinking of playing but don't want to donut alone. I main Mnk but been working on gld my chars name us kenshiro girffithen if you have any questions I'll answer them as best I can.


I'm still playing this fame and rather enjoying it. I'm almost maxed items and just mid-maxing at this point. But because you can easily switch jobs and level it gives a lot for you to do on alts. Hoping they add more end game content at this point though.
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