Forum Sigs and stuff.

Its been a while since I've been a part of a forum. In the past I used to make forum skins/designs, banners, avatars, and signatures as a hobby, something I eventually wanted to draw into a skill (graphics designs) but eventually gave up on as time slowly made things like Reddit and Facebook overtake forums as a medium for discussion.

Most of my old stuff can be found on my DA, along with forum skins I designed at this specific point in my life. I'll post some individual signatures I enjoyed making as well as my newer stuff as I try to get back to where I was (pretty much between amateur and intermediate.

As far as forum skins/themes/designs goes: I only have a few Zetaboards (the newest Invision Free software), Paid IPB, and vBulletin, though anything other than my ZB/IF designs are lost.



I started back in '07 before C4Ds and such were used to make signatures. As I left and came back things like smudging became the top form of the art. Nowadays I just do this as a hobby and to make them for myself. Hopefully as time goes on I can get back to and surpass the level I was at.

At some point I might make a thread where people can request stuff from me as a form of practice.

Anyhow lemme know what you think.


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You and Griffith (user here) could probably have some things to discuss :ganishka:

I've probably made a dozen or so unique Void avatars over the years (not including the emoticons, of course). But I've always favored avatars and sigs that don't draw too much attention to themselves. But I'm also the guy who has them turned off so I can browse semi-safely at work.
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