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Hey folks,

One of the new forum features is trophies. Those are fun little marks you get for passing certain milestones for number of messages posted, amount of likes received and years since you registered.
Our much appreciated patreon donors get a special one as well.
We've customized these a bit and have now activated them. They work retroactively so you should be seeing some in your profile.
Each trophy awards some points. The points currently don't serve any purpose other than bragging rights, but again, we thought it might be fun for you guys to get these over time.

Well that's about it, feel free to ask questions if you have any, and otherwise just enjoy collecting trophies. :guts:
I love it!

I used to love forums so much, I think their prime was around 2006-2009 (at least in my experience), but they were slowly disappearing and/or replaced with other platforms. These features, details, dedication to this forum make me genuinely happy. I wandered the depths of the internet looking for a place like this, and I'm here. This is awesome.

Sorry for the rambling! :puck:


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I'm coming back here to not only find a new podcast but a shiny new forum too... and it compliments me for being old.
Great work, guys!!! :ubik:
Nice feature indeed, where the trophies can be seen at profiles? Currently I’m from mobile so I can’t have a clear view at my profile.
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