found this youtuber man he did a fantastic job with these videos

i highly recommend watching these two videos there sooo good

this video is right after the eclipse my favorite part is when he gets the dragonslayer and you hear the intro music then the outro music its amazing

this video is even better it follows the lost children arc and my favorite part in this video is when guts finally shows up and nighthawk start playing ost from devilman cry baby and he fights rosine shits soo intense the sound effects of the sonic booms i heard the same sonic boom sound in my head when i first read this chapter i cant stress enough you all should check this video out and let me know what you all think :)

I mean... If you like it, it's fine, but isn't it just the manga weirdly cropped with some background music (that doesn't even fit most of the time) and sometimes sound effects?

Kind of pointless if you ask me. But hey, you do you:shrug:
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