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My advice as someone who enjoys those games without being a rabid fan: play Demon's Souls, if you like it then play Dark Souls, and if you still want more, Bloodborne.
If I enjoy Bloodborne, I'll definitely get it. But as Bloodborne is for free, I'll first want to play that a little bit (not the whole game) before spending 80€ on a game which I might not enjoy.
From the podcast I know that you, Walter and Griffith enjoy the Souls games a lot, as it's part of almost every second show after the Berserk part :iva: I think those games are either hit or miss whether you like them or not, that's why I'm a bit cautious
Some changes in Demon's Souls remake for PS5:

Some changes:

Interesting change: the amount of healing grasses you can carry will be more limited in the Demon's Souls remake; more powerful grasses weigh more as well

Demon's Souls details:
- two modes: cinematic mode (4K 30FPS) and performance mode (dynamic 4K 60FPS)
- photo mode
- filters can be applied like Kurosawa mode
- there is a classic filter to make the game look more like the PS3 original
- no 6th Archstone - no difficulty settings
More details
- World Tendency is still included in the remake but now with an improved UI so you know which state you are in
- Some bugs have been fixed, other "meme-worthy" ones are still in
- Dialogue has been re-recorded, partially with the old cast
Interesting new Demon's Souls feature: you can now store a character inside the Nexus
More Demon's Souls details
- the roll system is now omnidirectional (8-way)
- Bluepoint has indeed changed some models after fan feedback (Flamelurker)
- AI and logic remain untouched
- Fractured Mode = mirror mode
- Old Monk fight is still in

Additionally old camera option is still there:
This is the game that gave birth to this genre of gaming. And so we have to pay great respect to the original vision, ut at the same time, we have to make a lot of modern-day life improvements. But none of those were taken lightly," Moore said. "When we decided to have a look at the camera, for instance...we changed the camera position slightly, and we made sure that it doesn't run through the walls and get stuck on collision and all those sorts of things. That doesn't mean that we don't have an option in the game so you can turn on the old camera if you want to. You can do that. We preserve all of that. It all exists there for the user to switch on and off as they wish.

The thing for us is you have to remember that the way you played the game 11 years ago is not the way you imagined the game. You imagine it completely different," continued. "We had to basically create the game as the way that the players of the original PlayStation 3 version imagined it to be. And then, at the same time, make sure that we created a game the new generation of gamers could enjoy and love as well.
Looks like it's very good remake. I was hoping for 6th archstone being included but it wasn't that realistic tbh, it wold take From Software to cooperate on this. Pause is there as "photo mode" but when you're invaded photo mode doesn't work. Roll system is improved, we have a classic filter for the game to look more like original. This game looks very promising so far and visuals and audio are incredible. [This isnt quote of quote, I can't unquote my own post xD]
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All praise Grail
The newest gameplay trailer makes me really think whether I should get Demon's Souls for PS5 or not. I think I'll check out Bloodborne first, as it comes for free with the PS5, and then decide whether Souls games are something I like or not as I never played any of them.
For me, the first Dark Souls (which was the first game in the series I played) is by far the best and most rewarding play and the only one I felt the need to play more than once. The way the map was interconnected and different locations had clever shortcuts was never matched by the other games. That first Dark Souls game was so memorable I could probably retrace my every step through the world in my head, something I can't do in the sequels. Although DS3 had many good moments and the DLC for DS2 was memorable as well.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason I had difficulty with Bloodborne. One of those games I started with great enthusiasm but after a few hours fiddling about, I put it down with the intention of picking it up again later, and then got sidetracked and never felt the urge to turn it on again. I still have it on my stack of games marked "TO PLAY", collecting dust. I really wish I could find the motivation to get into it.


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For me, the first Dark Souls (which was the first game in the series I played) is by far the best and most rewarding play

I have to agree with that, although I have a soft spot for Demon's Souls ending. Dark Souls was the perfection realization of From Software's vision, and I don't think the later variations (which I enjoyed playing) quite managed to equal it. I hope they take their time with Elden Ring to ensure it reaches new highs.
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