Gob's Goofy Goofs


praise be to grail!
Hi guys! I wanted to start a thread to have a place to post any funny or weird Berserk-related stuff that I make.

To kick things off, I made one of these comprehensive tier lists that are all the rage these days. Enjoy!

Huge thank you to Grail, who drew the video thumbnail picture of me while I was making the video.
Y no Chicken Apostle at G for Goofball tier???:judo:

That was a hoot. I was expecting some kind of fake out at the end, but nope. Just quality tier listing. :ganishka:


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Wow! That accent exudes such authority! I feel like you've been holding back on us for your podcast appearances.

LOVED it! I wanted more ("Manger" :ganishka: ).

Also, one thing you might want to update: All characters that start with S should automatically be made S-tier, not just pedophiles or people made completely out of skeleton. Samson. Schnoz. Skellig.
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