Grail makes doodlies?!

I just wanted to give a big thanks to Grail for making this custom avatar! I love Sonia's character in Berserk and she did a great job on this piece, with Sonia day dreaming away. :griffnotevil:


Feel the funk blast
Thank you Tama for the kind words! It was a very fun piece to draw, it made me realize that I missed drawing Sonia from back during my oekaki days. Granted, I drew her in a much less flattering way, but it sure was fun. PS: Shoutout to Lith for archiving these old things!

And thank you to Skeleton, and all who commented on my last posting in this thread! I must be due for another coloration experiment, don't you think? :slan:
Sonia looks very cute! :ubik: I like the fluffy cotton candy clouds in the background, too. They add well to the "daydreamy" look.

Grail said:
I must be due for another coloration experiment, don't you think? :slan:
Yes, please! :guts:


Feel the funk blast
Thanks for the kind words guys, glad you liked this one! It's been a while since I doodled anything for you all!

This is just perfect! I can hear her screaming "You are a mad dog!" in every panel
I was definitely getting that energy from Casca's expressions as I was drawing them. I think I was subliminally trained after all these years of re-reading the Golden Age Arc. :ganishka:

The contrast between her expressions and her little dress makes it even better.
What's the saying... you can take the girl out of her commander's uniform, but you can't take the commander out of the girl! :slan:

I imagine Guts would be just sitting there with the biggest smile on his face
100% agreed, my friend!


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Haha, this is so wholesome! That food tour was missing some wine though! I'm sure those shops had some "pretty good" stuff in store. :iva:
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