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Since I've seen the many introductions of those who joined this site it'd be proper to make one myself since I, a selfproclaimed hardcore BERSERK fan, am new here. :carcus:

I discovered BERSERK when I was circa 16 years old. This was the anime of 1997. It was one of my first anime to ever watch (which is a bad idea in hindsight since many animes I watched soon after didn't live up to the expectations I had of gore and such).

At first it felt like it was your typical medieval story only with a first episode that showed the supernatural aspects. I wasn't really into it at first so I finished it over a period of something like two weeks. It had very memorable moments and I thought it was pretty decent overall...

Until the last 2 episodes ofcourse... Where reality crashed down and where I was suddenly reminded about the fact that this anime indeed contained the supernatural. OH GOD. What rape it was for the noob I was. Very memorable indeed. :isidro:

I remember being frustrated not knowing what happened afterwards... And after some months I finally stumbled upon the BERSERK MANGA by chance (it is but mere causality :void: ) cursing myself for being so stupid not knowing the existence of the manga :???:.

Ofcourse I read the whole thing as much as I could that day. That was a given.
(with a headache afterwards)

The following years I kept reading berserk (like an addict) occasionally during my studies while I kept telling myself that when I got work I'd buy all of them beautiful chapters. I will buy all of them but I just need to gather some money and have a decent place to safely store it. Heck I'd even send some extra money and a personal letter of thanks to the author but that would probably be a bit over the top since we got to respect his privacy... :farnese:
Don't want to scare him like Farnese scares Schierke a bit with the huge amount of praise now would we?

It truly is a great piece of work. Every single time I read BERSERK I'm still amazed by all those little details one can still find even after all those (countless) times I read it.
Thank you for this masterpiece Kentaro Miura, you beautiful son of a Corkus.

And thus I find myself here. :ubik:

I'm very glad to find a place like this... Filled with BERSERK fans!
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