Guts and his next rematch with Zodd

He hasn't really fought him when he got the berserker armor, with that in mind, just how hard do you think it will be for guts when he fights Zodd with again? It's only a matter of time before their next showdown. :chomp: Maybe then we'll get some more info on the Skull knight from Zodd.


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If Guts is able to master the Beast and heal well during Elfhelm, (clearly this is a hypothetical situation, since Guts is currently in a dire state), I think he could definitely best Zodd. Of course, last time they encountered each other, they almost exchanged hugs and kisses :casca:
Walter said:
they almost exchanged hugs and kisses :casca:

You remind me of AVP...

Somehow i only believe Zodd to be ultimately brought down by SK...

Berserker Guts in his beast mode could be a real badass, but considering that Zodd survive despite having so many encounters with SK, I was thinking that Guts in beast mode could only at best be on par with him... Unless of course he attain some other new means to boost his current skills...

Sad for Guts, he miss his only chance to slaughter Zodd when he was riding his back...
I think Guts could kill Zodd. On the hill of swords he managed to best Zodd in his human form. When he transformed, Guts was still holding his own, until Caska got in the way. That was all without the berserker armor. It all comes down to Guts health which we will hopefully learn more about at Elfhelm.
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