Hello from planet Germany


Excitement and Enjoyment!
The new "anime" (where is the vomit emoticon?) forced to introduce myself after lurking since 2006.
My name is Grigori, i am an Afro Russian living in Germany, am 27 and work as a librarian.
I stared the manga in 2006 when the first Max Volume (2 in one for 10€!) came out but knew of the franchisee before. I have a very deep knowledge of international comics (especially from DC), am a film buff and finish 50-100 games a year. I am as big a nerd as you can get and have the required belly, long hair and beard combo to prove it. I also have a Brand of Sacrifice tattoo over my heart and a Batsignal earring. I visibly wear a Behelit when i go out and consider Punisher T-shirts to be the high point of fashion. I am still somehow allowed to work with children...
Guten Tag :daiba:
Hey, I also been a lurker for a long while and recently decided to sign up. You are quite the gamer. I'm the same kind of nerd except instead of video games I'm more of an avid manga, and light novel reader; not to mention Anime lover aswell. I'd show an interest in most kinds of Japanese entertainment. Now that you reminded me I always have wanted my own behelit (spare me from a real one of course :magni:) got to find a good site to buy one from, I took a look at some under this site but was worried about the additonal costs assuming its being shipped from Japan.

On a side note maybe you're still allowed to be near kids due to your child at heart nature :guts: haha just kidding of course.


Excitement and Enjoyment!
I should have pointed out that i signed up last summer to view puella´s translations. Thank you very much for those.

@Torn T̶h̶e̶y̶ We All Float Down Here :badbone: .
Amazon is your friend, i even used the packaging mine came with for the tattoo measurements. Or Ebay. I am also deep into anime (the current industry is broken) / manga (still chugging along) and i put my Imdb profile into the WWW box. Pick your anime poison right there.

Berserk is lastly the best long form comic there is, no contest, yet i view Naoki Urasawa as the greatest mangaka ever, due to his more diverse body of work. My favorite writer is further Grant Morrison, regardless of the medium. He is responsible for Bat-Cow and Alfred the Cat you see below.
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