Hey! I am new here.....Greetings to everyone!

Soo I was doing my reread on Berserk recently and came across things which I didn't before. I don't know if this is a valid question to post or not lol but if you were to rank your top 10 characters in Golden Age only based on say, writing then who would it be.

For me,
#1 Griffith
#2 Guts
#3 Casca
#4 Gambino
#5 Corkus
#6 Judeau
#7 Zodd
#8 King of Midland
#8 Gaston
#9 Rickret
#10 Wyald

Sorry if these types of posts aren't allowed or I broke any rules. I don't know any of them and tried to break the ice.


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Hey! Welcome aboard!

It's hard for me to do a top 10, but I really like Guts, Casca, Skull Knight, Laban or Raban I forgot, and Judeau
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