How can I clean my statue?


even the horses are cut in half!
So what is the best way to clean my statue? I have the Guts in berserker armour statue and it's really due for a good cleaning but i never cleaned these kind of statues before considering it's my only one from berserk. How should I do it? I don't want to break it doing so. Any good way to do it? I know someone here must have done it considering you are all big fans of these beauties!

thx in advance

ps: sorry if it was said already i couldn't find anything about this on the board, but sometimes i suck in the search section
I haven't done extensive cleaning on my statues, and I'm not sure how clean you want to get them, but if you're talking about getting rid of dust, then what I've done in the past is used compressed air. BE CAREFUL NOT TO SPRAY TOO HARD OR TOO CLOSE, though, cuz compressed air can be pretty strong sometimes.

For dirt/smudges, surprisingly, using a very clean/white eraser can take those marks off in no time. Again, don't rub TOO hard, or TOO much cuz eventually you will dull the paint and you'll be able to tell where you have "erased".

Other than all that, a nice soft cloth or even soft tissue paper can do the trick. Just be careful and SLOW!!! I've snapped a few parts on non-Berserk statues before when dusting them recklessly. It's the most painful feeling damaging a statue on your own terms. =(


even the horses are cut in half!
yeah it must be, thats exactly why i asked. basically it's just to remove dust from it since it's been on a shelf since around last June. do you think i could use the little thing they use to clean like computer keyboard like? cause i don't really know what kind of compressed air machine i could get and do you also know if its expensive to get?

I really want my Guts statue to be as powerfull as the first time i put in on my shelf (yeah I'm maniac as that hehe)

thx a lot by the way!


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The "Compressed Air Machine" could cost you up to $200...but I would be more than happy to sell you one for 3 simple installments of 34.99!!!...Yes, all you have to do is pay me in excess of $100 and I will send you a can of compressed air with 3 free bonus straws that can attach to the nozzle of your spraying machine, and all your cleaning worries will be like "dust in the wind". As an added bonus I will totally be an ass, and throw in the secret that compressed air can be purchased locally for about $3 dollars!!! Good God I'm An Ass! PM me NOW!!!

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Thanks Grail!
Thanks for the tips Derek, and thanks to hurley for starting this topic. I was going to ask this myself, my Berserk Armor statue is needing a little tidying!


How do you keep your statue clean?

This probably seems like, and maybe is, a pointless topic. But I'm curious how you guys keep your statues in mint condition. My one and only statue sits in a safe spot, but collects dust along with who knows how many finger prints. I'm thinking about buying dust-off, but I'm not sure if it's the best option. Does it do anything to the statue I should know? Is there a better alternative I don't know about?

Crazy Berserk statue lover looking for advice. =)


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Found this website a few months back and answered all of my questions:

Feature: Caring For Your Polystone Collectibles

Eowyn of Dernhelm Statue - Sideshow WetaPolystone is a compound made up largely of polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone additives that give it added weight and the porcelain or "stone-like" feel that resulted in the materials name itself. Polystone is durable and highly effective at maintaining a sharp paint finish. Furthermore, polystone is a cold-cast material in which no heat is used in the manufacturing process, resulting in much greater variations of paint finish.

One of the main issues for collectors that display their Polystone pieces is dust. Dust attracts oils and other contaminants from the air that will eventually cause discolouring if left unchecked.

How do you remove dust without wrecking your piece?
You should take the time to dust your statues on a regular basis. We suggest a camera lens brush to whisk dust from the delicate areas, as well as from the nooks and details of a statue. A very soft, medium sized paint brush can also be used if you find yourself short one camera lens brush. Follow up the dusting with a blast of compressed air which can be purchased from office supply store. It is very important to hold the can upright and not shake it while spraying, as this will cause liquid to spray out which may possibly mar your collectible.

Can I wash them or use a wet cloth?
You should never wash or submerge your collectible in water. If for some reason you find your pieces are excessively dusty, the tips above should work well. You can also use a damp, lint-free cloth on larger areas as well as the bases to loosen up the dust. Dampen the cloth with water but never use any harsh chemical cleaners as they have the potential to damage the paint finish and even the Polystone material.

We do suggest that pieces are displayed in environments that have an even consistent room temperature. As with any substance, extreme temperature changes and moisture can affect its integrity and surface quality.

My Display is near a heater/air conditioner vent. Is this bad?
If your display is near any temperature vents, we suggest that you reposition your display in another area so that the swift changes in temperature will not affect your collection.

My display is near my window. Will the sunlight affect the paint on my figures?
Long term exposure to direct sunlight and UV rays will damage your collectible's paint and finish over time. All displays should not be in exposed areas or next to windows. Regular indoor lighting is acceptable and will not affect the paint quality of your items.

If these simple steps are followed, your polystone collectibles will last for generations to come.

Simple breaks and chips can be easily repaired by the collector at home. It will take a few supplies and a steady hand but it can be done. You will need some clear super glue (make sure it can repair plastics and ceramics), tooth picks, small soft brushes, tweezers, two part plumbers/epoxy putty, and acrylic paint.

Small chips or paint chip repairs.
If you have a small chips or breaks make sure you save all the pieces. You can use the tooth picks to apply the super glue onto very tight places and your tweezers to place the small pieces back strategically. You can then use the paint to touch up any surface scuffs or missing paint from the break.

Repairing broken arms or legs.
Again, if the break is a clean one it will be an easier task to complete. Make sure both surface are clean from dust by brushing them with your soft brush. The use a toothpick to apply the super glue to both surfaces. Wait a few seconds and then realign the broken parts. You may have to support the appendage until the glue dries depending on the weight of the broken piece. If you find that the break was not clean and that now there is a slight gap in places between the two pieces, you can take a toothpick and work a bit of two part plumbers/epoxy putty into the crack making sure that you are smoothing it down with a dampened paint brush into the existing detail. This is important as you will not be able to sand the area once it is dry. Be careful that you use the bond only on the exact area of the crack as the bond will mar the good portions of the surface it is applied to. Allow the bondo to dry overnight and use your paints to retouch the small area and blend it into the existing paint color. (The initial article mentioned Matte Spray Finish, however we do not recommend this as some of these products may damage the finish. As with any spray product you should test an inconspicuous area prior to applying to larger areas.)

In closing, we strongly suggest that all of our customers inspect their collectibles upon receipt. In most cases, our returns department can replace the item if it is returned to us within 30 days. With a minimal maintenance and care your collectibles should last you a lifetime!


How do I clean my Berserk statue

If I have a little dust on my Berserk statue, what is the best way to clean it without messing up the paint? Please let me know what tips you all have. If you use any special tools or devices please post link where i can get or see what it looks like.




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Re: How do I clean my Berserk statue

I merged your thread with an existing one that should answer your questions, zelo30.
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