I need help with Italian berserk volumes


even the horses are cut in half!

my sister is going to Milan, Italy and I want her to buy me some Italian berserk volumes for my multi-language collection of the series. Can anyone give me a good comic/manga store in this area? (I'd say around the downtown Milan)

Thx if you can!


Ex-Newser of the late Berserk Chronicles
La borsa del fumetto - Via Lecco 16 (Zona Porta Venezia). Tel. 02 29513883.

Supergulp2 - Via della Palla 3. Tel. 02 45497347

Alastot - Via Alessandro Volta 15. Tel. 02 659 0162

Wast of Time - Via Adige 7. Tel. 02 49756000


even the horses are cut in half!
Well I finally saw my sister and she gave me my first 5 volumes of the Italian edition. It seems it's a new edition and the covers are totally different then from the other editions I have. They are nice. It's weird to have it inverted though.
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