Illustrative foreshadowing

Wow, it seems every time I go through this series I understand and appreciate it that much more and catch a bunch of nifty little details. Anyhow others most likely have caught this seeing as how this site is full of fanatics but I thought it was interesting.. Wish I had a good shot of the illustrations, but I observed how in volume 12 pg 49 while Casca and Guts have a conversation saying he has to go, even if its alone..Griffith's view out from the wagon is much the same as in page 200 peering out from the hand during the eclipse toward Guts soon after saying --crifice. Can't help but think given the similar views at those two points he was repeating the same words in his have to go, even if alone.. Anyhow was pretty happy I caught that this read around.


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I agree, I though I had caught on to what was going on just reading through the story the first time. From what I have gathered from everyone in the forum, however, I am definitely going to be reading over them again to see what I can catch that I missed the first go round!
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