Infectious freshness


Jesus cries when he looks at me.
Kyoke said:

Why? Oh why do people vote for him?  ::)

I asked myself the same question when he won the elections that fateful night. Sorry malf, but bush sucks.
Found one! Very refreshing!

I know a lot of people with feel very femiliar with this and the Admins will like it. ;D


DemonX said:
How the FUCK can anyone take this kind of punishment?! PLEASE! SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!
I guess some people just have strange fetishes. This is one article I read on the matter.
:-X<--- Click That.

Second letter.

The Onion: America's Finest News Source ;D


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Have you ever heard of "decanting"? I work at a hospital in New Orleans. A man came in with multiple urinary infections, and stated that at certain parties, he was a "decanter." He put a catheter in his bladder, drained his urine, replaced it with wine, and then "served" it to guests. I'm calling for a consult.

This beats the rest.
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