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Inoue's 18-Meter-Tall Vagabond Mural Looms Over Tokyo

A mural that manga creator Takehiko Inoue drew of his Vagabond lead character Musashi has been blown up several stories tall and plastered against a store tower in Tokyo on Sunday. At 18.2 meters (about 59.7 feet) tall and 10.3 meters (33.8 feet) wide, the painted samurai is now larger than the 18-meter-tall life-size Gundam figure.

Inoue originally drew the mural over the course of 12 hours on a 3-meter by 1.7-meter (10-foot by 6-foot) canvas. The food maker Nissin used three video cameras to record Inoue painting every brush stroke, and it edited the footage into a television commercial that encouraged Japan one month after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake disaster (Higashi Nihon Daishinsai). Next to the mural is another giant ad with the commercial's tagline: "In this country, there is untapped strength."
That looks pretty cool

Article released on Oct 02, 2011 :carcus:

‘Vagabond’: Takehiko Inoue creates a samurai masterpiece

To my eye, Takehiko Inoue is the most extraordinary draftsman working today in manga or comics: His ability to draw the human figure in any pose and from any angle puts him in the rarified company of Burne Hogarth (“Tarzan”), Hal Foster (“Prince Valiant”) and Milt Caniff (“Terry and the Pirates”). “Vagabond,” a fictionalized account of the life of samurai hero Miyamoto Musashi, is his masterpiece to date.

Musashi (1584?-1645) is a Japanese national hero: One of the greatest swordsmen in history, he was also a skilled artist (with works in painting, calligraphy, sculpture) and the author of “A Book of Five Rings,” a treatise on strategy. (It’s still studied in Japan, and gained a cult following in America during the 1980s as a way of understanding — and fending off — Japan’s surging economic power.)

Inoue based “Vagabond” on “Musashi,” Eiji Yoshikawa’s sprawling historical novel. “Musashi,” which has been filmed seven times, is often compared to “Gone with the Wind”: history not as it happened but as people like to think it happened. Yoshikawa presents an endless series of separations, reunions and fights that allow his characters to strike heroic poses and deliver speeches: Musashi; his feckless childhood friend, Matahachi; Otsu, Matahachi’s beautiful ex-fiancée, who loves Musashi; the irreverent monk Takuan.

Although “Vagabond” also rambles, Inoue trims many of the digressions and deepens the psychology of the characters. In Yoshikawa’s version, Musashi’s father was “only a country samurai” whose family once served a noble clan. Inoue makes him into a cruel disciplinarian: Musashi’s struggle to become “invincible under the sun” grew out of his desire to surpass his father.

Inoue discards Yoshikawa’s duller chapters, focusing on action sequences suited to the visual format of manga. In the novel, Sasaki Kojiro, Musashi’s greatest rival, is an overcivilized young fop who drops in and out of the story as needed. Inoue devotes a substantial portion of “Vagabond” to the origins and training of Kojiro, whom he depicts as a deaf-mute with a childlike delight in his dazzling skill as a martial artist.

Inoue first won widespread attention for “Slam Dunk” a hugely popular manga series about high school basketball. But in “Vagabond,” those broadly comic images gave way to powerful pen and brush lines that showcase his polished draftsmanship. Even when he draws a close-up of a foot touching the ground, the reader senses the weight of the entire body and the intention behind that step.

The influence of the films of Akira Kurasawa can easily be seen in “Vagabond.” Like Kurosawa, Inoue uses black and white to create a rich but subtle palette of grays. His elegant pen and brush lines capture the power, beauty and horror of the bloody duels. When Musashi fights Inshun, a young monk who is the master of fighting with a pole similar to a Western quarterstaff, Inoue shows the moves each combatant executes–and the intensity of their concentration in the face of a formidable opponent.

But “Vagabond” takes the reader beyond mere feats of derring-do. When Musashi strikes a foe with a wooden bokun (practice sword) or his razor-sharp katana (long sword), Inoue communicates the pain of each blow. In his climactic battle against 70 students of the Yoshioka school whose leaders he’s defeated, Musashi is badly wounded in one knee. In Yoshikawa’s novel, he heals in a few paragraphs and is none the worse for wear; Inoue draws him barely able to stand, unsure if he will ever walk normally again. Inoue’s Musashi also learns from this terrible encounter that “invincible,” the title he sought so fervently, is “only a word.”

Inoue, who has sold more than 157 million books worldwide, has put “Vagabond” on hold. The ten volumes published to date by Viz (and priced at $19.99 each) are as far as he’s taken the story — although he’s only a little more than halfway through the Yoshikawa novel. He’s been concentrating on “Real,” his manga series about wheelchair basketball players, and did paintings to celebrate the 750th anniversary of an important temple in Kyoto. Inoue also created “Smile: Pray for Japan,” images drawn on an iPad with the app Zen Brush, to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross to aid victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Even a cursory glance at “Vagabond” shows that manga and graphic novels have a greater artistic potential than even devoted fans suspected—when they’re drawn by a talent of Inoue’s stature.

– Charles Solomon


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Johnny the Newsbringer presents:

Award winning manga artist Takehiko Inoue's (Slam Dunk, Real, Vagabond) interaction with the work of Spanish Catalan architect and craftsman Antoni Gaudi (1852 - 1926) will be the subject of a book and DVD, Pepita: Inoue Takehiko meets Gaudi, set to be released in Japan on December 12th. The books and DVD, which feature photos and skteches from Takehiko Inoue's trip to Spain, explore the creative process and the idea of genius, themes that the manga artist has explored in series like Vagabond.
If you click the link, there's a trailer for what's on the DVD.

I've been looking for it and finally found a copy yesterday, picked it up. My dumbass dumb dumbity dumb self didn't realize in my frenzied state of mind that the Region 2 video wouldn't work on my PS3. So now, I'll look for a player that can. The book itself is rewarding to view, page by page. Everything unfortunately is in Japanese. I guess this is motivating enough to rejoin the Japanese language class I went to last year. Sorry for the blurry pictures >_>'

Under the DVD, there's a slot with a book-style post-card set (12 for each month) which also acts as a monthly calendar. I brought Jan to work


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IncantatioN said:
My dumbass dumb dumbity dumb self didn't realize in my frenzied state of mind that the Region 2 video wouldn't work on my PS3. So now, I'll look for a player that can.
I might be able to help you with that. Most standard DVD drives in computers can have their region altered a set number of times. Mine has 5 changes built in, but there are ways to restore this number, if you really want to know...

To change your region, first go to Device Manager. The quickest way there is windows key+pause. Then click Device Manager on the left-hand side. In Device Manager, look for CD/DVD drives. Under that heading, locate your DVD drive, right click it, go to properties, then the DVD Region tab. Once there, you should be able to figure it out.
Oh wow, thanks a lot Walter. I'll try it tonight and cross my fingers that it all works! Thanks again.

I posted about the DVD on the other topic (, if anyone wants a quick review or info on the DVD/ Booklet, please let me know and I'll be happy to share.

Here's a quick recap of his news from the last few entries -

"Not that I was attracted to Gaudi," said Takehiko Inoue, manga artist
GaudiTakehiko InoueSagrada FamiliaBarcelona
By Takehiko Inoue Representative Man has the greatest cartoonist of contemporary higher calling, traveled to Barcelona in order to reinforce the representation of the picture. The range is determined, by the architect Antoni Gaudi's world famous works are represented in the Sagrada Familia. Inoue asked to contribute to the Gaudí not drawn. (Ken Pratt)

My knowledge about that Gaudi would never have above-average Japanese. Go to Barcelona, ​​we have still heard たくさん, yes indeed does not change. I am a amateur cartoonist of such construction, had no interest in that world.

The request is received and at one time or another. Why was that I took this job in what was drawn.

This, remember that this time is also approaching deadline of the first motive, or that the feelings come aboard Imaichi?

No different, that question is always the thing would be heard in an interview.

Do not think so, but rather the image is still in my Gaudi, if things remain in the realm of distant exotic adult, to have the feel of a person that might be a step now.

First, I felt attracted to this work anywhere.

Perhaps rather than the building, that building (creatures?) Had led to interest in the people who make no doubt Gaudí.

That person, we are looking for flora and fauna and other natural motifs.

That person, orderly nature, the underlying form "management" heading Hugging the utmost respect, it seems to let his 息Dzuka the heart of what makes it known that it comes according to me is not ignorant raises the excitement and unfathomed Ooo, be it.

But abstract words, I make a comic in there "frame" that want to rid the. Most of the world thinks, "cartoon" or what would What. It is probably one of the frame. Have defined themselves unconsciously most of the world's inhabitants and their cartoonist "manga" is. It is one of the frame. Promises to deliver a lot of people, fashion, and symbols. Provided today prior to his work, his frame is projected to now.

Whatever the case manga, sturdy frame is covered with hard, from what appeared to be complete in it but that is guarded, became interested in what is going to leap over its borders. Not like a loon for sale and also easily be cut off and say, from the inside if there is something inevitable, like so compelled.

Broken egg shells must come a time. Unbreakable egg inside the shell is dead.


4th November 2011

Barcelona, ​​Gaudi, pepita

Leaving in May 2011, Spain went to travel and research in Barcelona.
Architect Antoni Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, known for (e) • The Gaudi touch the work, the footsteps, and the creation of human species and its journey into one's heart goes out to what I was.
This may sound somewhat lofty ones say, but I lay such construction. Chittomo was not such a thing. Those mentioned in the journey, people I met, whether this was in the form of what appeared in his time (with DVD) or "pepita" get entitled to 12 December. (Spanish meaning of that species pepita.) has received a request for a some time ago. Why was that I took this job in what was drawn. Are looking for, came out取Ri持Tsu who have an email sent to me between this work and how the original order earlier this year. The meeting heard about it was the fact it looks like the end of 2010. This was in the mail. "(Dear) for the Catalan architect Gaudí is interested not know much. and to serve you wan to do a job do not know exactly though! go to Barcelona because the spring anyway somehow just sounds fun We want to cod. (Abridged version) " While we are in何Tomo irresponsible. Too loose. However, the thought certainly that time, this is in line with the trend that it's great for me. In the side street that dead end and somehow I felt rather than those in the mainstream. There are several progressive in their homework. Musashi called homework. Shinran called homework. Merely stood still in the beginning of one of its subjects, but also presumptuous that homework is a major sin in the sense that his heart is in the mainstream. Feel what is in that same stream for me also touch on Gaudi. How should I say Well, I would not touch the essence of that. I was sent to school without studying much, which desire springs gradually and actually want to learn now. Even though, you want to learn particularly where the essence is not the exact answer to the question of what is, not necessary to distinguish it from pure imagination it oneself, like a few assumptions. Information in the first place knowledge at the beginning, people who can understand the scale is quite seem. And my to-do, will Gaudinari Musashi, or if that person was a "fact" by showing it is not properly investigated. The person behind the "truth", in essence, it aims to show the journey to know whether people get there. The premise is, if you follow the person deep inside everyone, there is a desire to have led to square one. It relies on there. If so, in the life of individuals, will also want to hit the truth of the moment Gaudí. These work without it is not contrary to fruition. In the scuffle the whole body rather than the head. Left with feeling, it's bad for secondary力N構Etara. Want to be like a baby. Have fun and fortunately able to work. Oh, Oh, speaking of fun, there was surprisingly little late this week deployment. Fold that of the sculptor Bruno interviewed Sagrada Familia. When Bruno is in the middle of carving a prototype of the door of the gate, the door was carved with the characters closely. From the flow of the story Futoshita So I try to add a passage of Japanese also were told to write a statement and Kurenai. To me.


Why do not you and your autograph original carved 起Koshitara.

No that, but it is the gate of the Sagrada Familia, the real, eh?

I just thin, not thick handwritten font is more, eh look if there is an interesting character.

Yes, that's right.

He always came up'll write.

For exampleーーー exact conversation was flowing like big streaks do not remember. Let us listen to half the story well, and as I write I write from being employed if not useless, in a hotel room that night, the passage from the Bible written in Japanese. In brush and ink borrowed locally, write the same sentence until it fills all got a bunch of半紙chose what seems better and best. Gaudí teacher while How am I feeling, what's this expansion and the edges were encountered in this work and felt a thick Yappari What a thing. In a side street that was for me a strong feeling that I have rather thick in the mainstream. According to hear, its doors are finished間近Rashii Bochibochi

-Takehiko Inoue 


April 18, 2011

Takehiko Inoue and his collaborative project with NIKE
combines inspiration and innovation of Nike's Takehiko Inoue
Nike Japan Corporation and, in Cartoonist "Slam Dunk" The collaborative project with Dr. Takehiko Inoue, author of the basketball players for the Japanese club activities, combining to give them a strong inspiration and innovative technologies to improve performance basketball shoes "NIKE AIR ZOOM BRAVE IV IT" on sale from May 14 to.

Original design by Takehiko Inoue product so far with Nike, Nike limited edition to commemorate the opening of Harajuku in November 2009 "NIKE HYPERIZE" was developed with the popular sell out within hours of sale. Now, Takehiko Inoue's "me to a pulp with the activities of high school students, to make a pair of shoes as you can become a favorite" The players love it more and more club activities To deliver, that planning and development of Japanese players in order to improve quickness "NIKE AIR ZOOM BRAVE IV" and, DRI excellent quick-drying sweat-items used in daily training activities employing the FIT "Nike DRI-FIT IT club activities S / ST Shirt ", which made a joint product of two high-performance design. "NIKE AIR ZOOM BRAVE IV TI", "Nike DRI-FIT IT club activities S / ST Shirt" is starting a new season, according to a new challenge for the Japanese players club activities, such as plans to sell more Nike Harajuku May 14 has.

Known as the "courage" of the moment have no hesitation to deliver the best quickness, basketball shoes were developed to support the Japanese player's weapon will speed up. The entire shoe sole to upper, specially drawn down by Takehiko Inoue, the club activities are carved scenes. Always look down at your shoes when you wear, the back of the tongue is "Draw your own wish," "Listen to the voice of a" named by Mr. Inoue, Yale has been embroidered on the young athlete.
Graphic TEE as indispensable in the daily practice of the club activities. Nike DRI-unique features that include FIT, which is always pleasant to work on practice.

Known as the "courage" of the moment have no hesitation to deliver the best quickness, basketball shoes were developed to support the Japanese player's weapon will speed up. The entire shoe sole to upper, specially drawn down by Takehiko Inoue, the club activities are carved scenes. Always look down at your shoes when you wear, the back of the tongue is "Draw your own wish," "Listen to the voice of a" named by Mr. Inoue, Yale has been embroidered on the young athlete.


This journey isn't ov--AARGH!
Glad to see someone beat me to the news!

Yeah, I'm stoked to have Berserk and Vagabond back in full swing!


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Uriel said:
Glad to see someone beat me to the news!

I beat you again! :ganishka:
An announcement in the March 1 issue of Kodansha's Weekly Morning magazine states that Takehiko Inoue's Vagabond samurai manga will resume its serialization in the magazine on March 15 after a roughly 18-month-long hiatus. The series will resume as monthly installments, published on the third Thursday of each month, with chapters twice as long as before. The March 15 issue will feature Vagabond on its cover, and the 44-page-long chapter serialized in the issue will feature color pages.

Inoue revealed on his Twitter account earlier in February that the series would resume in March after being put on indefinite hiatus in 2010 due to health issues
Whoo hoo, more pages!! :guts:
BUMP - FYI - for those wondering/ interested, there was no Vagabond episode in this month's (July's ... it's been coming out every 3rd week of the month since it was reinstated) Weekly Morning issue.


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IncantatioN said:
BUMP - FYI - for those wondering/ interested, there was no Vagabond episode in this month's (July's ... it's been coming out every 3rd week of the month since it was reinstated) Weekly Morning issue.
Has it really been coming out all this time? Man, I'm so behind! Viz should get their act together. :puck: Looks like Volume 34 has a March 2013 release date, according to Amazon.
SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET, thanks for the heads up on Vol 34 Walter, put it on my phone to visit KinoK that week ^_^.

Since Vagabond's resumption this year, he's been pretty on-time with it with just the July skip. Nothing on the website about the skip and I've been a bit busy this past month to pick anything up on Twitter, but will check for any hiatus messages.

Here's a snapshot of the issue numbers (for anyone interested) and 3 covers outta 4 had Musashi drawn on em (if it helps entice anyone to buy em :carcus:)

Inoue is covering the wheelchair basketball Olympic games currently.

Speaking of Volume 34, here's what Inoue recently said - "Vagabond, Volume 34 revision fixes done good. · I write because I think I'm glad I wrote, so let's not be forced from the edit for some reason, "Give me the good manuscript" and even though there is between writing or until the deadline." (Per the translation my browser did)
ITS OUT!! VOLUME 34 officially comes out today (Japanese Edition) :guts:

ISBN: 978-4-06-372947-4

Also, below is his recent post (pardon the translation, it's from Google Translate). I had no clue he was the Assistant Couch of the Japanese National team.

Once a celebration of sport, Paralympic Games was held in September in four years.
I was the tournament that was held in London as an assistant coach of Japan national team.

Many thoughts and memories are clogged too.

I want to write I, honest ...

So I decided to write a column divided into several times.

(Towards the London Paralympics)

After the 2010 World Championships two years ago, I became the assistant coach of the Japanese national team.
At that time, under the super-elite sports greatly cut the rudder, Japan has the world's wheelchair basketball leaves the result of 10th and worst World Championships.

Signed a professional contract with the world's top players, club teams in Europe, was to strengthen the team.
In Europe, there is a club team tournament championship.
It is similar to the shape of the football you have a mechanism, such as ceria A and Premier League, UEFA championship there.
also the last two years that I was appointed to the national team, there were many times the offer of a professional contract in Japan national team from European teams.

That the Turkish team Galatasaray but still a new team, a contract with the top athletes in the world just a hefty contract, made ​​several times to win the European Club Championship tournament this.
Should also referred to as a result, his first in Turkey Paralympics in London, I broke their opening qualifying round talent, America.

In this way, with the help of the world's top players, all over Europe have been working on the development of wheelchair basketball.

Australia, who won the gold medal at the Beijing Paralympics, was loaded (professional agreement), sent out into the world to experience the athletes actively.
Plan of 300 international matches over the past four years, he was preparing to also second consecutive.

The world will continue to strengthen with the "stage of the world" on its own.

World of wheelchair basketball will develop rapidly!
It was the start of the in such.

I did participate in the first Asian Games held in Guangzhou, China in December 2010.
In overcrowded: in the roar of "Jayo! (Oil pressure meaning good luck)", their opening qualifying round was China.
From frigidity or not take the rhythm from beginning to end, Japan was defeated by a narrow margin.
Japan I have continued much the Asia No.1.
I felt the fear that we will break that stronghold.
Chinese athletes are collected in one place from all over China, has been strengthened in the national policy to this day earnestly.
Speed ​​of development is different.

China to go through qualifying but lost to second place, play a rematch with China, in the final revenge, Asian No.1 title he somehow protect.

Towards the top of the world from here, no time to lose in challenge!
Just when I thought,

3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake.

Japan national team players, more than half of the staff had get a direct hit of this disaster.
Shed a confirmation email to safety if they have spare time, after a few days, I hope the safety of the players and staff of Sendai and Fukushima.
MAX Miyagi practice gymnasium had been the core of the team is a victim, was disabled long-term use.
Players who have worked in nuclear power plant in Fukushima, I was lost in my future while feeling a lot of pressure from the public.

Notwithstanding home also was carried away by the tsunami, the head coach he has contributed to many things about life beyond rescue, reconstruction of the city, the imagination.
As an assistant coach, who was next to me heard a lot of really unbelievable happening.

Among them, I kept the basket.

However, during the time-out in Japan, the flow of wheelchair basketball in the world, and it was a development to proceed regardless.

Over a berth in London Paralympic Games, in November of that year the Asia-Oceania qualifying was held in Korea.
Welcome to head coach when the coach of Australia to host this qualifying, won the gold medal at the Atlanta Paralympic Games, South Korea is a rival, and was preparing to vigilantly.
Australia Korean War determines the # 1 passing, challenged over the rest of the frame 1.
In the seesaw game, the last game was tangled up all the time.

First 0.3 seconds remaining in 4Q one point, led by Japan.

Foul Japanese team is blown, became a free throw ace Korea.
We can no longer be. Just pray.

Since the 1988 Seoul Paralympics local, South Korea towards the Paralympics for the first time in 24 years participated.
Asia? 1, Japan, over qualified for Paralympics has taken over the years.

I was multiplied by the historical game.

I was watching from behind the head coach while sitting on a bench, standing on the court side.

"No more, no bad things happen. Happening! Absolutely wrong,"
I felt very strongly so dearly.

Also missed free throw with 2.

Dohyogiwa, I somehow survived.

Basketball for the first time in my life, I have tears welling.

I just won a berth but still.
Opponents are a lot on it.

Enter into the Year 2012 Paralympics, while participating in a number of international competitions, representative of Japan, he went forward to prepare for London.
Also close to the narrow margin in Europe expedition was going to lose everything continuous.

"While defeated, it will be strong."

It was the only way to take us.
I went one by one crushed issues seen from defeat.
In full of things that can not be, staring at their own weakness, his players, he will continue to move forward step by step.
I became little by little and strong.

Just to imitate the way of Europe and the United States, I can not win the West.

What is the strength of Japan?
There was a need to consider it seriously.

The theme is finished,
"sum" and "denseness"

You can dissect an opponent, make a precise strategy, will continue to run with the sum
That's when things go wrong, you can use the most of the power of this sum.
The players began to practice this under the theme itself.

Indeed, Japan's best team was completed.

And London!
He mentioned the new logo earlier this year, let me look for my post ... there! ... it's been part of the new episodes. I'm not decided whether I like it or love it as yet :azan:
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