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YES! Thanks for this news!

The December issue of Weekly Morning had Inoue's art on the cover, my copy will get to me early February and I can't wait to read that episode. Will keep you guys updated.


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Here's the google translation of Inoue's latest missive: said:
Vagabond 2K13

Physical condition is not good through the end of 2012 beginning of the year 2013, the year has dawned unsatisfactory feeling weak for even now I am lean. Well personally if what situation (or do nothing) or do what one can do in that situation, go spend heading pleasure in it like that is probably a human social standing.

When I look back on the old year belatedly, then you can talk about Vagabond 310 published in the last issue of the end of the morning, it may have been one of the most happy moment was in 2012 personally.

I think when you are talking about this one, I personally only, and because there was such a rewarding feeling. Because I felt an instant sense to quite understand the relief found in the series Vagabond, all of which was a road that leads to here (and future) properly, surface plate of Othello such as changes to the color of them all yourself. For people who want to say "thank goodness" will spring out, I put that amount of energy in the manuscript.

If all does not mean that just because no one talking about this one, I would become a series of new discoveries, while also ahead. I think that should enjoy the encounter with the story, and you want each time greeted with a flat mood.

Shake fueled rapid-fire feeding stimulation, anxiety, cartoon reach such a goal is not the way.

Takehiko Inoue

I think things have taken a turn for the better. :iva:
Pepita 2 comes out in a few days -

Here's a video for the release - (interesting to see some similarities in the video to the current Vagabond episodes :carcus:)

Pepita's Japanese and English versions have some differences, I forgot to post about them, will do this by the weekend.
I hit up Kinokuniya last night real quick to pick up Pepita 2 and REAL 12, they've put up a nice display dedicated to Inoue's stuff. New Vagabond volume comes out next Wednesday as well.

They switch it up every month, last month was for Toriyama, prior to that it was Araki, Oda, Tatsuo Hara, and Attack On Titan.

EDIT: sorry I couldn't take close ups, pictures aren't allowed inside =_=

Recently uploaded video of Inoue. According to the video's info it says (Google translated) - "Message Inoue Takehiko, author of Slam Dunk, Real and Vagabond, thanking the award received in the nineteenth Barcelona Manga Manga as best author, and apologizing for not being able to attend."

I'll prolly pause every frame and translate it in Google either tonight or tomorrow, for a transcript since I don't understand Spanish text.
IncantatioN said:

Recently uploaded video of Inoue. According to the video's info it says (Google translated) - "Message Inoue Takehiko, author of Slam Dunk, Real and Vagabond, thanking the award received in the nineteenth Barcelona Manga Manga as best author, and apologizing for not being able to attend."

I'll prolly pause every frame and translate it in Google either tonight or tomorrow, for a transcript since I don't understand Spanish text.
I watched the video and decided to try to translate it for you, though I'm not much of a translator. I hope I can do at least a little better than Google.

Hola soy Inoue Takehiko (Hello, I'm Inoue Takehiko). Greetings to all the people that will attend "Salón del Manga", Barcelona. I'm Takehiko Inoue.

Thank you very much for reading my manga, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It's been almost 400 years since the cultural exchange between Japan and Spain started. Last year I published a book called "Pepita", in which I share my views on Gaudí through drawings and words. Next year, Tokyo will host the Gaudí Expo, which is currently being organized by people from Japan and Spain. I will also be involved in the expo.

I just received an email regarding "Salón del Manga" of Barcelona, where I was notified that thanks to the votes from the readers I was awarded the award called "Gran Premio" (Grand Prize). Thank you very much, I'm truly honored; particularly because I was selected by the readers, which is something that makes me really happy as a mangaka. Thank you. I won't be able to attend "Salón del Manga" this year, but I hope that in the near future I will be able to meet with all of you. I can't wait for that day to come.

Thank you very much.

Hasta luego! (Until next time)
Inoue talking to a wrestler ... reminds you of Shiratori?? Heh.

Google translated the original text, apologies in advance.

Truth of wrestling hen became a feature unexpected ...

Suzuki - I have read with pleasure all the way in '30 the "Shonen Jump" I love comic tell the truth, and you let me read much work depicted in the youth magazine Inoue teacher.

Inoue - Thank you.

Suzuki - So this time, wrestling knitting began suddenly in the "real" Nde, Become What? "Eh" (laughs). It 's is from near the end of the 12 volumes that's books. We did not expect it when you rush to leave that wrestling ed.

Inoue - It did not think even my own (laughs).

Suzuki - Have a lot you are reading the comics teacher, for example's I depiction that does not draw only to the person who was doing the basketball to the "SLAM DUNK", Tan exudes a real great depth of the club, is such as Mendokusa the Desuyo. There have drawn most in wrestling editing of "real" why.

Inoue - It is an honor to me to say so towards the professional wrestler. For wrestling, I feel like did not draw if you do not 's what I am after all I got to. Such as the swan, even if the way of life of the heel that is doing a cool face in the table and to include various things in practice, and something like the coolness of the more normal If I had the time of the 20's I think I was trying to draw in pursuit. The Na I would not draw the focus on something like that heel like.

Suzuki - Will do there is also a career that kind of life, but I view is sharp teacher after all. Oh, I was out in the "real" Come to think of it! Once, wrestler that floated fearless laugh by wearing a black towel and bang in the color page is has come out, there is not it (laughs).

Inoue - Oh, and cover (laughs).

Suzuki - Moreover, "accustomed to" month ". -" Copy is has become I, I thought! "Oh, or month, rather than 's wind" and (laughs). At the same also the scene of the goods department of the venue lobby, to buy wrestler like me obviously (laughs).

Inoue - I was allowed to draw Come to think of it (laughs).

Suzuki - I thought the "...... Naa 's there? Me this." For many years, it's really thought you are asked to read the comics teacher, I'm not partitioned explained in words even if something happened. Now that you do not finish explained that, I also do can imagine on its own lot.

Inoue - It is the view of those who are reading '30 the "jump" indeed (laughs). In other words it is that "there is room" I. Because there is a place that is left to the reader to interpret me after all, "people who know me this is known, it is good at it without you able to understand Apart" Tteyuu. I'm think you are making in the sense As long beyond the hurdle of certain entertainment as properly, and to include something in the above that he has.

Suzuki - The I comes through is that so very painful and is done the trick. There was a lot of wrestling comics in the past, but by all means, written description is I would come in, "I'm not go to undergo even this painful technique" Tteyuu when that was done the work and Bakon to the other party. It is great to have undergone a place that must be received that, something like that. But I want to tell and we'll be doing wrestling really, I want to watch more of the guy who did a great skill. How to Get the do not care really Nantes pupil. But know about Knowing I wrestling, "He shines so" or "He is not seriously injured because How to Get good" or, I'm lead to the view of the side a little. Was not it Nde I like this cartoon.

Inoue - The Tteyuu? "How to get someone to read who" after all in there. Becomes I anybody has really familiar with wrestling at a rate how much in the reader, I think that it is therefore better for people not familiar with readers of "real" is more probably, or concerns, such back like a professional wrestling in reverse, and painted it, this part of to does not make sense to stand. I met it's it 's such or should I Egakere on the assumption that such people not familiar to read, and because I have watched wrestling so well myself after.

Suzuki - It was good that professional wrestling is very essential, and we'll like to tell really usually is - was it something included in that work full. At the same there is a scene or came out feeling people on the side are watching the wrestling (Hanasaki full), but I found that I get such as letter full of the children of facilities such as child car chair actually. And also to be visited or actually such as such facility. Then, the body does not move freely, but they, someone to keep an eye on professional wrestling, like I are a best I very often in what you are moving.

Inoue - I like professional wrestling is larger players Isubasuke car.

Suzuki - It will do a professional wrestling, rather than 's Martial Arts other Why?

Inoue - I guess why. Winning or losing the game or you will was important such as MMA such as K-1, but I do not care about there wrestling will do not ... divided, but where Tteyuu contains "something that is not only winning or losing" is greater I do not may.

Suzuki - Get it. I found that I mean that the game in order to compete for the winning or losing of course, but the applause of Tteyuu such as or sent towards you lose when I finished it there as professional wrestling unique. I, I put out a DVD of the 25th anniversary of his debut this time, but I did you chose a lot on your own game to be recorded in it. Soshitara in the game which about half is lost (laughs). I like "Do not pick me either, Bakka game losing by yourself why."

Inoue - I'm's gonna be in the unconscious among Suzuki's criteria of such side you are watching.

Suzuki - I also happen to do not know yourself. But, speaking in that martial arts other, I was put in the DVD also game that you've done with (Jushin Thunder) Liger in MMA rules in Pancras era, but I prevailed, that game is my life and yet The'm such date of change.

Inoue - It means that the day you decided to Suzuki's return to wrestling again?

Suzuki - That's right. Are you sure that wash the feet again with that game, I'm done with the intention of leaving active duty. The play against liger is thinking of quitting players without regrets now, I'm've see the enlightened world and Buwa~tsu on the other side of the liger and if you win. Where it is thought to be "! Want to do Yabee, professional wrestling."

Inoue - I'm not familiar with the background of the game, but it would do was decided that why liger players and Suzuki-san fight in the ring of Pancras.

Suzuki - I was there are various factors at the time, but the one was great most to be "do not show unless absolutely young players of the future." I'm have got his chance to show what 's professional competition of that too is gradually went on even MMA, desperate to win.

Inoue - I too have seen from the PRIDE MMA. Martial Arts wrestling other than to be a win-loss-oriented as well.

Suzuki - MMA right now from doing high-level game terribly, it is now the world Tteyuu still funny, but the one Tteyuu ten years ago it was a time when so much is also not ended up yet. So they did not may become a collection of human beings "because whatever good at judging just want to win" only Tteyuu. No, I do not think so. I dont show to be absolute "under the philosophy of this kind of thing is a professional, Pancras'm started" from Tteyuu. The thought that I Na passed to me please "After" confidentially When you are show it.

Inoue - I see. Pancras era is a translation was "professional wrestler" The Suzuki much.

Suzuki - The "real", I have a full exchange or something like a mind of my era of the neighborhood, is part of overlapping as you. So I was talking a while ago, but that your teacher has given him to draw an essential part of professional wrestling, I am truly grateful to be with it was him to draw things strike a chord in my heart.

Inoue - Is outrageous. Welcome here, I support you in the future.
Inoue is putting Vagabond on a 4 month hiatus starting this Thursday and will resume on June 19.


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Hitoshura said:
Inoue is putting Vagabond on a 4 month hiatus starting this Thursday and will resume on June 19.
I'm at least 4 months behind, so no big deal :void: It's nice that he gives lengths for his breaks, but it seems a little problematic to me.
His schedule could be pretty busy. There's a Gaudi exhibit that'll go on display in Barcelona in April, plus the Japanese Foreign Ministry appointed him as one of three goodwill ambassadors to Spain up until end-July.
Inoue appeared in a press conference via Skype on the Gaudi exhibit/ collaboration -

Fun to see his mannerism at 3:33 or 6:40, something we've seen him draw Ito or Musashi do ^_^. No subtitles unfortunately. The YT channel says this -

Korabore by cartoonist Inoue Takehiko on behalf of Japan and the great architect Gaudi in Spain this summer, application exhibition will be held in Roppongi.
The exhibition press conference that took place on April 9, Inoue Takehiko stay in Barcelona is the Skype relay appearance! Trade Description: "Special Exhibition Gaudi × Inoue Takehiko - source of creativity that synchro -" 7 days July 12, 2014 (Saturday) to September (Sun) Mori Arts Center Gallery (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52F) Opening hours: 10:00 to 20:00 (last admission 19:30) :0570-063-050 inquiry (10:00 to 20:00) Lawson Chike~tsu To in TV Asahi event web
Inoue helps make record breaking sheet of Japanese paper and will use it as a canvas for an exhibition called "Gaudí x Takehiko Inoue - The Source of Synchronized Creativity"
There's a video of Inoue's Synchronized Creativity exhibition -

This exhibition will be held at Mori Arts Center Gallery (52F Roppongi Hills Mori Tower) on the 12th and 13th of July.
[XX Manga Hall BCN] Interview with Inoue -

By the way, those Slam Dunk Jordans he briefly speaks of in the interview sold out so quick, I couldn't get a ticket (pre-order) cos I reached the line late and couldn't grab it online on the day it came out. Bloody hell.
Hello everyone
does anybody got any news about the vagabond hiatus ? almost a year now, I've searched all the web and no news..
why the hell do I only like mangas that go on hiatus...


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Hello everyone
does anybody got any news about the vagabond hiatus ? almost a year now, I've searched all the web and no news..
why the hell do I only like mangas that go on hiatus...
Inoue said that manga will Return this fall But still nothing happened.
he working on REAL manga too very busy.i think we should more wait


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Wow, that's some Kojiro hype. I'm a volume behind, but it seems like it's been forever since we've seen him.


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Mangetsu said:
It is slated to return on the 29th of January.
I´ve just finished the last Volume a few days ago ! I sure am lucky I didnt have to endure the almost 1-Year hiatus. :ganishka:
Really looking forward to the epic fight thats about to go down !
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