Is it Possible to Change the Forum Header Image to One with an Alpha Channel?

On some screens, the image obscures the welcome text.

Also, the edge of the image is visible vis-a-vis the drop shadow on the text being cut off, though this is actually a dimensional issue not specific to alpha.

Neither of these are usability issues; purely aesthetic.

I can help convert the image to one with a proper alpha channel if need be, though I suspect there is a photoshop file or similar that would make that fairly painless.


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I created that image back in ~2010, so I don't have a PSD anymore. If you think you can use the existing image to pull off that effect, then please by all means go for it!
Aazealh said:
Behold the magic of standard browser tool "Inspect element".
Wow, duh… :schierke: I'm way too sleep-deprived.

Anyway, proof of concept:

I gotta play with it a bit more to get the shadows looking exact, but it's mostly there. Of course, the shadows are designed around the header color, so they probably won't look right in this post.
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