Japanese Tankobans worth the buy?

I'm going to be going down to New York City with some friends to hit up a few stores. There's a Japanese book store down there called Kinokuniya in which I'm planning on getting other manga that don't have an English release such as Sangatsu No Lion.

I currently own all the tankobans that Dark Horse has released, and am unsure if it's worth buying Berserk in Japanese.

Are there any differences between Dark Horse and the Japanese versions? Such as paper quality, size, etc?


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The Japanese editions have slightly better paper quality, and the covers are slipcovers and much higher quality. Also, DH's Berserk logo is terrible. That's about it.
Kinokuniya's a really good place for grabbing manga, more than the Barnes & Nobles at Union Square (3/ 4 floors of a building) and Midtown Comics. Kinokuniya has 3 levels, the lower level is great for stationary items, the main floor for books and upstairs is where the manga is. How long are you going to be visiting New York for? If you're around and have some time, I can come by say hi!
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