Judeau: A Well-Conceived Character

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Ironhand said:
I'm not quite sure on the what-if question though. Do apostles value their own that much?
Depends which apostles as well as the context. They're individuals, they all think their own way.

Ironhand said:
It doesn't seem like the Godhand cares much if they die so I doubt they would care if several killed each other so long as it doesn't interfere with their plans.
The God Hand doesn't care about apostles at all. But that's besides the point. We're not talking about them here.

Ironhand said:
The Skull Knight :SK:got away with it because he is strong enough the rest were afraid of opposing him.
SK could have killed all the apostles and pseudo-apostles present at the scene, had he wanted to. Why he just let them go is the real question, maybe it was so he wouldn't disturb things too much (and therefore wouldn't attract unwanted attention).

Ironhand said:
If Rosine did the same thing personally I think her life would have been in danger. The rest of the bunch were caught up with bloodlust and I don't think anyone could have stood in their way even one of their own if the person / demon wasn't strong enough to make them fear for their lives. Rosine was tough, but I do not think she is strong enough to do that.
You haven't read what I told you. There were only two apostles in the place. Rosine and the Snail Count. The bunch of bugs that were with them were Rosine's servants, that obeyed her every order without question. They would have done what she had ordered, and they wouldn't have been able to kill her even if they had ganged up on her, which is anyway completely impossible. The only one who could have objected is the Count. Now, would he have fought to the death over one human, while they were going to the Eclipse? I don't think so. Especially since it was so she'd make him a pseudo-apostle servant, like the others. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have minded one bit. Hell, they didn't think long before going away when SK showed up, effectively leaving Rickert alive and well. Now anyway, I don't think the Count would have been able to kill Rosine even if he had wanted to, and she had her servants to help too, although they likely wouldn't have been able to harm the Count on their own.

Bottom line is that it's an impossible scenario and that we've already discussed it too much compared to its own worth.
You're right. Too much time spent, though I will reread it since I haven't read it in a long time and apparently I'm remembering it differently. I probably should reread some of the older stuff anyway since after the later issues I think I would probably catch a few things I missed and see a few things from a different perspective. Thanks.
i don't mean to bump this but i can't help it being a n00b and all but Aazealh fucking pwnd RedDevil... like it almost makes me on an intellectual level frightened to discuss berserk with him like a kitten in a blender only my mind and grasp of berserk is the kitten and Aazealh's response the blender... on puree


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It's funny because he was very short lived but completely likeable, I don't know a fan that hasn't said "why did he have to go?!" (well until now... XD)

I think what makes him so easy to like is he's very... I don't know how to describe him, he feels familiar like a good friend.
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