Kentarou Miura has passed away


you can call me Rattie!
Utterly devastated and still in just as much shock when I got the news from a friend. It'll be difficult to fall asleep tonight. Rest in peace Kentaro Miura, you blessed an innumerable number of lives on this planet with your artwork and storytelling. You will never be forgotten.
Still trying to find the right words. Rest in Peace Miura. I think the fact he was a generally more private person speaks even more to how profoundly many of us feel about his loss. His works shaped so many of us into who we are today and will continue to live in us and shape us forever.
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Dear god, this series with all its hiatuses and delays was one of the constant things on my life. Like I knew that eventually a new episode would come out, but with this, no more. It is the first time that the death of an autor whose series I follow has affected me so much. I'm shoked. May he rest in piece, and I hope that his friends and familly find the strenght to overcome such a loss.
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