Kentarou Miura has passed away

Rest in Peace, Kentaro Miura.
Master of the grotesque and of the sublime. You gave us the whole of humanity, from the highest mountain we can climb to the deepest abyss we can fall. And you made it all beautiful.

I can't express what this man means to me personally and it is impossible to measure what he meant to all of us.
As one of the biggest Artist of our time passes away, who influenced dark Fantasy and my life like no other, I want to recognize the gift he has left to the world and to us by humbly thanking him.

May he rest in peace.:sad:
I woke up when the news was announced. Now, hours later it still feels surreal.

I’m just still so sad right now. Kentarō Miura-san passed away... Berserk is such an inspirational work. The storytelling and visuals are work of a legendary mangaka. He inspired me to pick up drawing again, and taking on challenges I would have avoided. His work has been an essential core for many of us, …strugglers in life.

Thanks Miura-san for everything, Rest In Peace. We owe you so much.
Well, first of all, thanks for accepting me as a member of this forum, have been a lurker for about 9 years here, ever since I got in contact with this great masterpiece of a series, never got the courage to make an account here, but now, here I am. (sorry if I do end up commiting any grammatical errors, english isn't my first language).

I started reading berserk back in 2011, on some online scans, but, in 2014, my country started re-publishing the series on the original tankobon format, and, I have all the volumes of the manga in portuguese, from volume 1, to volume 40, from the vengeful, sad, and traumatized Black Swordsman, to the mentor figure, grateful for Caska's (Somewhat) successful recovery, I even have two Guts figmas (The Black Swordsman and Berserk armor, both are the re-releases versions), Berserk has had a deep, profound impact on my life, really can't express with words, how grateful I am to Miura, for creating such a great masterpiece.

Miura will always be remembered as the greatest mangaka of all time to me, he and his works, have been a very important and profound part of my adult life.

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I feel like I’ve fallen into the cruelest timeline. How can this be possible?

This has taken me completely by surprise. I read the news just before bed, and as a result I didn’t get a lot of sleep.

I may not have been a regular member here for some time, but I’ve always kept up with Berserk, checking in here and there, sharing the frustration of the hiatuses, and the joy of seeing Casca again.....

20 some-odd years now—from adolescence to adulthood—I’ve carried Berserk with me.

I still can’t let it go.

My condolences to Miura’s family, friends, and the fan community at large. May we all find peace with the magnitude of this loss.
RIP Miura.

Haven't been on in a couple of years. You don't know ow the value of something until after you've lost it. That lump in my throat won't go away nor will the water in my eyes. Berserk has helped me cope with so much but how can we cope with this? Thank you Miura.


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I haven't been an active poster here in many years, but never because I went away, I've been lurking the whole time, always reading new chapters as soon as they dropped and poring over people's theories.

I started reading Berserk back in... I want to say 2000, before "scanlations," back when that meant getting a text file and a physical tankobon I bought from a Japanese book store in town, and going back and forth, line by line. Even in that less than ideal format, I was totally captivated.

Like every Berserk fan, part of me always worried that he wouldn't get to finish it. But it felt like he was really closing in on it lately, and I had more hope than ever that he would.

The loss of such a singular talent, before he could complete his life's work, is devestating. People talk about others finishing GRRM's books and contingency plans but I just don't know who could when it comes to Miura. No one was on his level, no one could match his crazy vision. He was the greatest that ever was.
It's especially hard-hitting knowing the long-festering rumours about his health. I hope his family and friends will recover smoothly. Now to wonder if his talented staff/studio can honor his legacy and finish the series for him in satisfying fashion. I have no idea.

Thanks for the memories, Miura ❤️
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It is with great sadness indeed. There are things to take away from this, not only for the obvious. But to have seen through decades how this man touched each and every single one of us through his craft and mind. And in these moments of emotional pain, I look back and find an amazing experience that not only stemmed from his work but also being part of this forum for many of my younger years and being able to meet some members to which I still consider to this day friends. Watch amazing inspired art, music and mostly all kinds of forms has been the very thing that has shown me that we all here have this common ground no matter country, race nor gender. That my friends will be the source in which I hope we all find strength to accept and honor Miura.
I joined this forum to pay my reapects. Berserk has sorta always been there my entire adult life. It was there for the periods when I was having all sorts of negative emotions and they resonated with the manga. The art, characters and story was also amazing and always an inspiration. Not only to me, but for artists and writers throughout the world. It means so much to so many people.

Ever since I remember reading that Kentaro Miura had a 50 year plan for Berserk, so I have always been conscious about his age and health. There was always that notion in the back on my mind that he wouldn't be able to finish his great ambition.

So hearing this morning that Miura died is a downer on so many different levels.

Rest in peace, Kentaro Miura.
Wow........what a horrible thing to wake up to. R.I.P. to one of the G.O.A.T.'s. I've commented recently on this forum about how much of an impact his work had on my life. In a way most of us knew this could happen before the series was finished but it doesn't make it any easier. I hope he really knew how much people appreciated his work and I hope his work and spirit lives on.
For all the glory the series has earned, I still feel like the series is at its peak - that the best was yet to come. If it's succeeded, that vision could still be the case, but it's a tragic loss to see him go so young and so early.

Rest in peace Miura. Very few have created something so rich and meaningful, so long-running, so subtle and unspoken, so visceral and raw. You were a master of your craft. Your work meant a lot to me. You will be remembered by many.


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Hi all,
What a sad day...

I've been lurking around here since 2005 and following Berserk since 2003.
Always a pleasure to read quality posts and theories on these threads and this seemed like the best place to come and pay my respects to Miura-sensei.
Berserk was a true masterpiece to me, only few others come close to it, whatever the media.

As a fan, I selfishly would love to know one day what his plans for the rest of the story were, but on the other end, leaving Berserk an unfinished work has the appeal of making it legendary stuff. Conflicting feelings I know...

Repose en paix, Miura-sensei.
Truly a sad day. :sad:

As many of you have shared, I too picked up the manga during my high school years and it did shape the person I am today.

A true masterpiece.

May he rest in peace.
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