Leprechaun Vs Wishmaster!


First Freddy Vs Jason, then Alien Vs Predator, now Leprechaun vs Wishmaster! Not sure what to say, looks like pure craptastic fun! Not expecting much at all except for a lot of laughs, many intentional and otherwise. I wonder what is next?


Last Soldier Standing
Well, I'm assumeing that it was just a joke because it said "2005" in that trailer and I don't recall it ever coming out, and the site it lists at the end (www.lepvswish.com) isn't a site.

But if this WAS real.. God.. I don't think I would ever watch a new movie again. The Leprechaun movies sucked, as well as Wishmaster, so combined together.. I don't even want to know what type of monster that would create.
If it is real, i cant say that im as excited as i was for freddy vs. jason, nor do i think it'll be as good, but the leprechaun movies were good trashy fun and likewise with wishmaster. I've seen the first 4 leprechauns and only the first wishmaster. They were good for their genre.
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