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To keep from cluttering the board, I'll link to all my colorizations and tutorials here, and edit this post to update whenever there's something new. Thanks!! You all rock!

Colorizations: Haha! I finally rebuilt my gallery thing here:

Have some stuff available at imageshack in case my site is down.

Totally forgot to link up the new tutorial! That can be found here:


Farnese is the bomb diggity
Cool, I really like the pages you colored ^^ Nice work getting all the blood colored it properly as well on the sea monster pic. That looks like tedious work. Anyway good job ^_^


Jesus cries when he looks at me.

And on top of that, your instructions are so easy to follow, other people say it in languages that I dont understand. :) thanks.
Thanks for the tutorial :)
I appreciate the time and effort you put into trying to teach us some of your wonderful coloring skills.
It looks awesome.


HA! I can see you! can see me? AHH!
Whoa...that new one is the best yet.....

So, have any plans on continueing the tutorial?


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Yeah, the tutorial will continue, I'm just trying to pick a good page for it. And I'm looking at other colorizations on the board to see what people really need help with, and that mostly seems to be the obnoxious edge finding stage. Heh, and I looked for some other colorizing tutorials online and they use completely different techniques than I do...

Anyway, the The Berserk Armor page ended up hellishly complicated... (thanks for the compliments!) but I guess I should finish the description of how I did it anyway, while I'm deciding what to do for a really useful tutorial. I can probably do that in the next couple days (seriously this time, heheh)

Also, I'm working on assistant colors for a couple pages Jon Schaffer's doing. The first one is done and it's gorgeous IMO. They'll be posted when we finish the second one.


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You're very welcome! I will have a new tutorial up soon, I'm sorry it's taking me so long, I am a bum. heheh!

Now for today, a quick page from Chapter 243. Griffith said not to color page six but I did it anyway. Muahaha.



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Thanks for all the compliments, guys! :D Happy Lith. I was never a pro photo editor, I like doing it though.. if I'm lucky maybe I can get work in it sometime? *chuckle* right now I do regular office work.

The next tutorial is still on the way, but here's another colored page! The spooky moon kid again...

I actually painted out the shading grain on his face - I don't suggest anyone do that unless they are VERY patient. However I do have a technique for getting rid of lighter grain that should be in the next tutorial. Although even that one is not really worth the time unless you really really hate the grain being there.

Also, I'm thinking with this break in chapters right now, maybe we could launch the project people have been suggesting in the Art Work topic, and attempt to get the whole chapter colored before the next one comes out? It'd help pass the time ;)

If anyone is interested and would like to volunteer to work on it, message me and I'll get things coordinated. If it looks like it might actually happen, I'll start a topic for it for public coordination.
i did the tutorial, and i have to thank you for making it. all i used to do was adjust hue, saturation, and lightness


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Wow.. sorry about the long delay, folks. I've been busy as hell. I still haven't got anything new, but here's one Jon Schaffer & I did a couple weeks ago.

I'm quiet, but I'm still around. I'll post as soon as I have more stuff! ;D
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